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3DS Music Special - Return to Wuhu

28th March 2011; By Daan

With the Nintendo 3DS launch over and done with it, it is time to fly to a world full of possibilities, immersion and, of course, fun! Our first stop is the trusty old 'Wuhu Island', where we become official members of the Wuhu Flying Club and tested our flying skills in a variety of ways. With these challenges also came some brilliant music and we are here to celebrate that today! Our Music Special for today is all about the title,
Pilotwings Resort, produced by Monster Games (responsible for gaming hits as Excitebike World Challenge and Excitebots: Trick Racing). Are you ready to take off and enjoy this audio madness? I thought so!


Main Theme

Preview Screen


Plane Intro

Plane Theme
Plane Mission Finish

Pedal Glider Theme

Hang Glider Intro

Hang Glider Theme

Hang Glider Mission Finish

Rocket Belt Intro

Rocket Belt Theme

Rocket Belt Mission Finish

Super Rocket Belt Theme

Turbo Jet Theme

Flying Squirrel Suit Theme