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3DS Music Special - Sights & Sounds

27th March 2011; By Daan

Happy “3DS Day” North American pals! To celebrate your big day we have prepared something awesome for our Music Special today, a double feature! Not one, but two mini-albums for you to enjoy, love and listen to on the go!

In the first album you will be enjoying the music of the 3DS Camera. The presentation music has quite a variety of themes including Jazz, Ballad, Pop and a lot more. The Built-in software album gives you music all across the board, including StreetPass Quest, Settings and the Activity Log. This doesn’t include Face Raiders and AR-Games though -- these will be featured in a completely seperate album. Those developers put a lot of time into them and we want to give them proper attention! What about tomorrow’s special? Well, let’s say that it has to do with the sky and a certain island that has been featured in select Nintendo titles. Hope your bodies are ready!

3DS Menu

3DS Camera Photo Selection

3DS Camera Ballad Theme

3DS Camera Jazz Theme

3DS Camera Ceremonial Theme

3DS Camera Fantasy Theme

3DS Camera Funk Theme

3DS Camera Pop Theme

3DS Camera Vintage Theme

3DS Camera Chilled Theme
3DS Sound Intro

Mii Maker

Activity Log

Activity Log - Software Library

Health & Safety Information

Download Play Intro

System Settings

Friends List


Internet Settings
3D Calibration

StreetPass Quest

StreetPass Quest - Battle

StreetPass Quest - Battle Results

StreetPass Quest - King Captured

StreetPass Quest - Prepare for Battle

StreetPass Mii Plaza

StreetPass Mii Plaza - Entrance

Puzzle Swap

Puzzle Swap - Progress