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Awesome Gaming Moments - Part 2

3rd March 2011; By KnucklesSonic8

In this new feature series inspired by The Book of Awesome, "Awesome Gaming Moments" (AGM for short) will look at back at some key (potentially obscure) instances in the world of gaming that led to feelings of laughter or inner delight. We'll regularly look back on both shared experiences and personal experiences that we consider to be awesome! 

Awesome Gaming Moment #2: Using the Perceive System in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Trying out Apollo's special perceive ability for the first time is actually very cool. During a cross-examination, you can focus intently on the witness' physical features to uncover small clues. Spotting a slight twitch, eye movement or another small impulse as you drag the super-imposed eye icon along the touch screen can give reason to call his or her testimony into question. And it's very entertaining to try and expose an inaccurate retelling of events in this manner.

The mysterious music that plays is actually one of the most memorable songs in the whole game, effectively adding to the intensity of a court scene. I remember a couple instances where I was still quite rusty at "perceiving", but when I did end up isolating the "habit", it was really fulfilling, especially as you saw how the witnesses reacted to it. This feature really helped shed light on each case, getting you to think seriously about how this related to an underlying secret.

There are also instances leading up the conclusion of the game where you can continue to employ this method. Without giving too many details, the twists leading up to the end of the final case thoroughly kept my attention the entire way through. And just like in the earlier parts in the game, using Apollo's special technique for the last time to reach an unforgettable verdict was truly... 


Look forward to Awesome Gaming Moment #3! If you've had any memorable experiences that you think are worth mentioning, let us know and we may feature it in a later one!

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Feature by KnucklesSonic8
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