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Awesome Gaming Moments - Part 3

29th March 2011; By KnucklesSonic8

In this new feature series inspired by The Book of Awesome, "Awesome Gaming Moments" (AGM for short) will look at back at some key (potentially obscure) instances in the world of gaming that led to feelings of laughter or inner delight. We'll regularly look back on both shared experiences and personal experiences that we consider to be awesome! 

Awesome Gaming Moment #3: Clearing a Puzzle in Art of Balance By a Hair

Somehow, titling this as "Having the timer finish as soon as a set of blocks is about to hit the water... in
Art of Balance" would have been way too wordy. Hopefully you have a good understanding of what I mean by the experience I’m relating, but allow me to paint a picture for you anyway just for fun.

So there you are in Art of Balance, ready to tackle another set of challenging puzzles, but you can't advance any further because you've been stuck on this one level for quite some time. You experience a rush of confidence and tell yourself you'll give it a shot. So you try clearing this puzzle using different arrangements of the shapes you have before you, but none of the combinations seem to be adequate enough for you to move on. But in what seems like a miracle, you successfully manage to fit all the pieces on the platform, forming a rather unsteady tower. Then, the countdown begins... 

The first light pops up and you notice one of the circular blocks on the top is starting to slide off, or one of the pieces you put standing upright is starting to fall to one side. You clench your fists hoping and praying that nothing else happens. The second light appears and your initial worries turn to adrenaline-filled panic as you watch the shape fall off the top of the tower, heading towards the basin of water down below. "It's all over!" you say to yourself sub-consciously. Or so you think. Imagine your surprise when the final green light appears right before the shape hits the water, leaving you with a huge sigh of relief.

Now normally, seeing such a scenario take place in Arcade Mode is already pretty satisfying. However, this takes on greater meaning when this happens during a Versus match. The two of you are perfectly tied up, meaning this last round is going to be a gripping neck-and-neck battle to see who can clear the level the fastest. Out of haste, your friend's pile just collapsed and instead of picking up the pieces and starting again, they're just waiting to see you fail too. But you manage to pull through and complete a tower during this moment of opportunity. Anxiety sets in as you notice one of your shapes start to turn on its side. Your friend watches in amusement as it falls from your tower. Just as it’s about to land in the water, the timer suddenyl stops and declares you the winner! 

Of course, your opponent is rambling about how unfair your win was, but that doesn't phase you. You're just so happy that you won when it really counted, leading you to bust out your “trademarked” victory dance. Even if you're usually the one who comes up short or if you're challenged to a rematch, that doesn’t matter. Getting this to happen to you just once in a multiplayer match is really...


Stay tuned for Awesome Gaming Moment #4. I think I have a Retro moment coming on...

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Feature by KnucklesSonic8
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