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Billy's Top 10 Wii Games

Hey, it's Mr Website Overlord Billy here, presenting to you my personal list of my favourite Wii games available now. All games selected are on my own personal grounds, and I'm not saying that these are the definitive ten Wii games currently out (excl. Super Mario Galaxy of course). Enjoy!

10 - Eledees
Publisher: Konami; Released: 2008 (AKA Elebits)

When it comes to underrated Wii games, Eledees has to be somewhere near the top of the bunch. Whilst it didn't sport amazing visuals and didn't really come across as having universal appeal, anyone could play this gem and soon come to love it. The physics aspects in throwing items around houses, streets and fairgrounds in order to  catch the small, slightly Pikmin-like "Eledees" (Known as "Elebits" outside of Europe) proved to be a really fun, and often chaotic, experience, and was one of the most innovative titles to be released in the following months from the Wii's launch.

9 - Sonic and the Secret Rings
Publisher: Sega; Released: 2008

This game seems to be a love-it-hate-it affair, with gamers having split opinions on whether or not it's a decent Sonic title. Sure, it might not be the classic Sonic everyone's been dying for, but it provided some of his best console platforming in recent years since his transition to 3D. The multiplayer mode may have left a lot to be desired, but the single player worked really well, with great controls, presentation and basic gameplay, accompanied with loads of extra missions to complete and "achievements" to unlock. Nowadays the game can be found in bargain bins everywhere, especially since the release of the spiritual sequel "Sonic and the Black Knight", which was a huge disappointment in comparison.

8 - House of the Dead Overkill
Publisher: Sega; Released: 2009

If there's one thing I love about this, it's not the gameplay, but the style. From start to finish, the game feels like a cheap B-movie, and if you're not impartial to a bit (slight understatement, there) of profanity and excessive bloody violence, this game would be best suited to you. Sure, the gameplay's good, but Agent G and Detective Washington's snappy one-liners, lacking brain capacity and overall ignorance somehow manage to provide a thoroughly enjoyable experience, which I just seem to love (although I can't say I ever saw myself thinking I would).

7 - TV Show King Party
Publisher: Gameloft; Released: 2008

As the sequel to the WiiWare TV Show King game, TV Show King Party adds more modes and improved aesthetics and questions to the mix, providing a great multiplayer experience if you and your friends are up for a "Buzz!" type game on the Wii. It might not seem like a worthy addition to my top 10, but when I have friends over it provides a good level of fun alongside a great atmosphere, partially because we all understand and get a good laugh out of the fact that sometimes Gameloft's tweaks to make the quiz feel more like a game show are so bad that they're good (little character animations and quotes from the "host", for example).

6 - Guitar Hero World Tour
Publisher: Activision; Release Date: 2008

The first in the band-themed Guitar Hero games to reach the Wii was quite frankly a fantastic experience. It wasn't perfect, features including the ability to get three friends together and form a band, create your own songs and rockers and download user created tracks and official songs made for a great game at the time that featured some overwhelming features.

5 - Wii Sports Resort
Publisher: Nintendo; Release Date: 2009

I was actually very surprised when I first sat down to play this by how good it was. After Wii Sports, I was expecting this to be another game with the objective of demonstrating the basic features of Wii Motion Plus, but Nintendo went above and beyond with the mini game package that they instead chose to deliver. Everything feels, plays and looks polished, there are loads of hidden easter eggs to find and not one of the mini games is a disappointment. In addition to this, there's enough to keep you going back for months afterwards as you raise your skill levels across the board, and almost all the mini games available can be played with friends. After Wii Sports, Wii Music and Wii Play, I was astounded at just how good this game was.

4. Guitar Hero 5
Publisher: Activision; Release Date: 2009

Despite lacking the brilliant track list of Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero 5 provided the best music experience yet when it comes to Wii games, thanks to new modes (including DS-connectivity), simple tweaks across the interface and gameplay to make it easier, faster and more fluid to use, and the ability to import a selection of songs from other games in the Hero franchise, amongst several other new features that managed to provide the best, most polished "band" themed game, yet. Hopefully Guitar Hero Fever doesn't die out too soon, because Activision's annual updates to the franchise are much better than they seem at first glance.

3. Mario Kart Wii
Publisher: Nintendo; Release Date: 2008

Mario Kart on the DS was lacking a few things, namely an online experience that could be played across all tracks in all modes and a good, challenging experience even for long-time Kart-ers. Nintendo addressed these issues with Mario Kart Wii, giving Wii gamers one of the best online games yet (thanks to fortnightly tournaments, a fluid connectivity system, a great way to show a player's skill rating and the ability to play as anyone on any track. Additions such as the vibrant graphics, wide range of tracks available (still at 32 though, sadly) and motorbikes all helped to give Mario Kart a welcome return.

2. Super Smash Bros Brawl
Publisher: Nintendo; Release Date: 2008

Rather than explain why I enjoy this game so much, I have decided that it would simply be easier to list all the reasons separately. Here goes: absolutely loads of characters; loads of stages; loads of achievements; loads of various other unlockables; loads of retro Nintendo references; loads of modes; difficulty settings for everyone; online four player (despite awkward set-up and lag); a handful of the best stages from the GameCube version; completely customizable controls including GameCube/classic controller support; a handful of set challenges to complete; co-operative play in single player modes; excellent single player/co-op side-scrolling platform adventure; fantastic graphics; ability to pause and view the scene/take photo's at any point; listen to and collect the amazingly huge soundtrack; create your own levels; upload/share levels and pictures online. Yup, I think that's it.

    Oh, and of course the simple, yet addictive gameplay is still intact, and more frantic and fast-paced than ever before.

1. Super Mario Galaxy
Publisher: Nintendo; Release Date: 2007

I'm sure it'll come as no surprise to see Super Mario Galaxy at the top of my list, since it is widely recognised as one of the best Wii games available, one of the best games of recent years, and, in my opinion, the best game ever created. The unparalleled innovation from start to finish alongside the fantastic orchestral soundtrack, stunning visuals and levels that are filled with personality (although it could have been even better with a bit of anti-aliasing around the edges) and constantly enjoyable gameplay is all amazingly brilliant, and I still can't wrap my head around the fact that not for one minute of my 35-some hours playing it through, did I find myself bored or frustrated. For me, that alone is a good enough reason for this game to be number one: because it is the single most fun single-player game ever.

Sure, the co-op was a bit naff and there was no multiplayer (something I look for in most of my purchases, in case you couldn't already tell from my list), but I still see it as the ultimate Mario game ever... honestly, words cannot begin to describe how much I love this game - I've been pondering exactly how to explain why this game is so awesome for the last thirty minutes now, and it just can't be done. If you haven't played it yet, play it. If you did play it, but didn't enjoy it all that much, you're playing it wrong. END OF TOPIC.

Honourable Mentions
A handful of games that didn't quite reach the top ten (in no particular order)

Resident Evil 4 was a fantastic game, with the Wii-make providing the ultimate experience thanks to the extra content, improved graphics and (obviously) pointer controls, however despite buying it upon launch, I still haven't got around to finishing it (due to some silly antics where I wasted loads of ammo... and then saved my game, leaving me in a tricky situation with little way out. Just today I found myself giving Dead Space Extraction a go, and although I had to send it back off before Christmas (it was a rental), the first half of it was absolutely fantastic. It provided some of the best on-rails shooting action I'd ever seen, some fantastic visuals and a fantastic story and atmosphere throughout. Once I buy the game for real and finish it, I can imagine it surpassing several of the games on this list, but as of yet I decided to hang fire on listing it.
Another couple of absences I feel I should explain are Zelda and New Super Mario Bros. First of all, I admit it, I don't own Twilight Princess, and have only played around half an hour of it at a friends. I don't know why, but it just hasn't appealed to me for some reason or another. Yes, I know, I'm crazy to call myself a core Wii gamer without playing Zelda... as for Mario, I haven't listed that because I don't have it yet due to financial difficulties, however I bought it as a special present for myself this Christmas (for the record, I got myself Okami last year, but somehow just couldn't "get into it"), so expect to see me in world eight by the end of the weekend!
    Another few mentions go to Metroid Prime Trilogy, which I sadly haven't had the time to sit down and play properly just yet, No More Heroes which I didn't find quite as enjoyable as the next man and DISASTER Day Of Crisis for providing a fun take on the action genre. I would also like to mention that had my list also included WiiWare games, LostWinds and World of Goo would've probably cropped up here as well.

And we come to the conclusion of another top 10. Sorry if my top five (or at least, top three) seemed a tad generic now that the games have featured in similar positions in just about every other decent "Top Wii Games" list in existence, but hey: that's what I think, and we all know that Billy is always right, right? Right? RIGHT GUYS? Fine, if you don't like me, come back tomorrow instead to see Murat's choices unveiled and detailed.

Top 10 Wii Games lists

Posted 23rd December 2009
Feature by Billy White