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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Perks Guide (Part 1)

8th February 2011; By Murat

Similar to the Reflex Perks Guide feature I posted last year for Modern Warfare, I thought it would be a good idea to repeat that but with Black Ops this time around. Despite the feature being slightly overdue, I believe this is one of those guides that continue to go unnoticed by many players who purchase perks without knowing what exactly they are capable of. Well, now you have the chance to read up on and select the perks you think is best for your play style!

What are perks?
Perks can be considered as special abilities that'll activate automatically either from the start of the game or be triggered by an action. For example, the Second Chance perk allows you to withdraw a pistol and take down the player that took you down. This perk is automatically activated once you die. However, perks like Lightweight (faster movement) are activated from the start. Each perk has its own set of ability alongside an additional pro ability that'll put you one step above the other players.

How are they organized?
Perks are divided into three slots (Perk Slot 1, 2, and 3). Players can select only one perk from each colour. 

What are pro perks?
A pro perk is an additional reward to the perk you are using. Every standard perk has its own set of challenges. If you successfully complete each of the three challenges, you can upgrade to a pro perk which will offer you with more abilities.

How much does it cost to purchase a perk?
All the perks cost 2000CP (Call of Duty Points). There is an additional fee if you want to upgrade to pro version.

PERK SLOT 1 (Pro perk images are not included.)
Want to get around the map faster in team-based game modes? Try Lightweight. This perk will allow you to move around faster and hit up those capture points before the enemy. However, it might be a good idea to attach the Marathon perk (which will be covered in the third part). Speed of movement is affected by equipped weapons mobility. 

Lightweight Pro
No falling damage from rooftops and so on.

Recommended add-on perk: Marathon.


Don't you just hate running out of ammo? I surely do. That is why Scavenger would be an ideal perk. Scavenger replenishes ammunition and lethal grenades (including Tomahawk). However, it will not replenish launchers or the equipments such as Claymores, C4, UAV Jammer, and so on.

Scavenger Pro
Double the starting ammo with an extra magazine. Additional ability of replenishing tactical grenades such as decoy, concussion, nova gas, and so on.

Recommended add-on perk: Warlord.


The primary "go-to" perk for any sniper out there on the battlefield. Snipers are known to carrying the least of threats in the middle of the warzone, but behind the main line they can be deadly under the radar. With one shot, they could easily be detected and give away their hiding spot. The Ghost perk keeps you hidden from enemy Spy Planes. Even when you fire a shot from your sniper rifle, you will go undetected. Rest assured.

Ghost Pro
Undetectable by aircraft, infrared attachment and sentry guns. Additional ability of hiding your name from the enemy when their reticle is pointed at you.

Recommended add-on perk: Ninja or Hacker.


Flak Jacket
Don't you just hate building up an amazing killstreak, only to have it ruined by someone with a grenade launcher? The Flak Jacket in Black Ops is luckily an amazing perk and reduces the explosive damage allowing you to survive from deadly attacks. Just enough to run around that corner to safety. Stuck explosive crossbow tips are different, however.

Flak Jacket Pro
Allows you to reset the fuse on a thrown grenade (e.g. frag), and deflects fire damage.

Recommended add-on perk: Tactical Mask


Always finding yourself one short of a kill to earning that killstreak reward? Don't fret. Hardline reduces the amount of kills that is required, by one. For example, Spy Planes are regularly 3 kills away. With Hardline, it will only require 2 kills.

Hardline Pro
Dislike the item from the Care Package killstreak? Have another go with Hardline Pro. (If the reward is already a higher killstreak, it is best not to retry as you may be left with a lower reward.)

Recommended add-on perk: Sleight of Hand.

 Those are all the perks in Perk Slot 1 with all their pro abilities. Look forward to Part 2 where Hardened, Scout, Steady Aim, Sleight of Hand, and Warlord perks will be covered.

Feature by Murat
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