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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Perks Guide (Part 2)

6th April 2011; By Murat

Welcome back to Part 2 of this Perks Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now that all the perks from Perk Slot 1 have been covered, we can progress onto the second Perk Slot!

PERK SLOT 2 (Pro perk images are not included.)
Similar to the Deep Impact perk from Call of Duty 4, Hardened allows for a deeper bullet penetration through walls, steel, wood, and several other materials. Hardened does not improve or increase the damage inflicted by the bullet. 

Hardened Pro
The hardened pro perk delivers an additional extra damage to enemy airscrafts and turrets, allowing you to destroy enemy killstreaks a lot quicker. Flinch is also reduced upon being shot by the enemy.

Recommended add-on perk: Scavenger.


Scout would be an ideal perk for snipers who spend a lot of time scouting the map for enemies to pick out from one fixed position. The scout perk allows you to hold your breath for longer allowing for steadier shots. 

Scout Pro
Allows for a faster switch between weapons.

Recommended add-on perk: Ghost.


Steady Aim
The Steady Aim perk has two notable advantages. One of them is to increase accuracy while firing from the hip, and the other is to reduce shotgun spread so more shells are centralised towards where your shooting. Steady Aim perk would be an ideal combination with weapons on Dual-Wield attachment.

Steady Aim Pro
Allows for faster aiming after a sprint and faster recovery after a knife lunge.

Recommended add-on perk: Marathon.


Sleight of Hand
Don't you just hate the long reload times during a gun fight. With Steady Aim, you can throw that worry out the window as it slices the reload time in half and especially useful with weapons in the light machine gun and shotgun categories.

Sleight of Hand Pro
Allows you to aim down the sights faster than normal, but renders ineffective for sniper rifles.

Recommended add-on perk: Lightweight.


Warlord allows for players to add two attachments to their primary weapons. So for example, without this perk you would have to choose one of several attachments on an assault rifle. With Warlord, you can add two attachments. Take into account that you cannot add any other attachment if you add the Masterkey or Grenade Launcher attachment.

Warlord Pro
Do you need an extra lethal and tactical grenade? Obtain the Pro version of Warlord and it'll be yours. Willy Pete is not included.

Recommended add-on perk: Hacker.

Those are all the perks in Perk Slot 2 with all their pro abilities. Look forward to Part 3 where Tactical Mask, Marathon, Ninja, Second Chance and Hacker perks will be covered.

Feature by Murat
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