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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Perks Guide (Part 3)

26th April 2011; By Murat

Wrapping up this three-part feature with the third and final Perk Slot, this one is comprised of Tactical Mask, Marathon, Ninja, Second Chance, and Hacker, plus their respective Pro abilities.

PERK SLOT 3 (Pro perk images are not included.)
Tactical Mask
Hate that poisonous NOVA gas in Team Objective modes? Equip yourself with Tactical Mask and run through the effects of NOVA poison.

Tactical Mask Pro
The pro ability of Tactical Mask reduces the effects of both concussions and flashbang grenades. Both of which are excessively used in team objective modes such as Demolition, Headquarters and Sabotage. An additional effect of Tactical Mask Pro is that it indicates the position of stunned or flashed enemies on the radar which can come in handy.

Recommended add-on perk: Flak Jacket.


Always wanted to run that extra mile to grab hold of an objective? Marathon gives you that ability. Take into account that Marathon will NOT make you run faster.

Marathon Pro
Who can say no to unlimited sprint? Complete the Marathon challenges and it'll be all yours.

Recommended add-on perk: Lightweight.


This is one of those perks where you could say "it does exactly what is written on the tin". Ninja allows you to sprint, jump and walk silently without the enemy being aware of your presence.

Ninja Pro
Ninja Pro makes the enemy movements and actions louder. Make it easier on yourself to fish them out, and ultimately deal with the threat.

Recommended add-on perk: Ghost.


Second Chance
Just like the Last Stand perk from Modern Warfare Reflex, Second Chance perk allows you to draw out your pistol to defend yourself. You have to be fast if you want to return the favour to your foe. If you are in Second Chance for 10 seconds or take a single hit from the enemy, you will die.

Second Chance Pro
The pro ability of Second Chance can come in handy if your team-mates play efficiently. Not only can you stay in Second Chance for longer, but your team-mates will also be able to revive you.

Recommended add-on perk: Sleight of Hand.


Don't you just hate being stopped in your tracks by a Claymore or C4 pack, or temporarily under siege as a result of a Motion Sensor, Tactical Insertion or Jammer? Hacker allows you to see these equipments and becomes helpful when you want to clear a route for your team-mates.

Hacker Pro
Hacker Pro is probably one of the more favourable perks as it allows you to sabotage enemy equipments such as Care Packages, SAM Turrets and Sentry Guns, and turn it against them. Care Packages turn into explosives. Sentry Guns and SAM Turrets become yours. An additional ability of Hacker Pro is you can go undetected against enemies using Motion Sensors. Kind of like Ninja.

Recommended add-on perk: Hardened.

Hopefully this descriptive information on all the 15 perks in Black Ops will be of some use. The recommended perks will serve some obvious importance such as Hardened with Hacker, allowing you to shoot equipment behind walls instead of using Flak Jacket to run past them. Look forward to an additional feature covering the perks in Black Ops' Zombie Mode!

Feature by Murat
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