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DSi Countdown

There isn't long now until the DSi is released in Australia (April 2), Europe (April 3) and North America (April 5), but what does the update of Nintendo's top selling hand-held bring, and why should you consider buying one? Every day, we're going to give you some great DSi goodness, detailing all the features of the new console, and gaining momentum for the big launch. UPDATE: The DSi is now available worldwide! Enjoy, y'all!


Part seven (Saturday 4th April) - DSiWare overview

New features will be added every evening at 7:30pm (GMT), unless otherwise stated

The Nintendo DSi is available as follows:
Australia / New Zealand: Black / white consoles available April 2nd - $299.95 (AU) / $375.00 (NZ)
Europe: Black / white consoles available April 3rd - £149.99 (GBP) / €179.00 (EUR)
North America: Black / pale blue consoles available April 5th - $169.99 (USD) / $199.95 (CAD)
Japan: Black / white consoles available November 1st 2008 (out now) - ¥18,900 (JPY - inc. tax)