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DSi Music Special

You may have seen the DSi special I did showing off a selection of pictures taken with the DSi Camera. This special takes a look at a selection of DSi related music, and below, you'll see a selection of music tracks. Simply click on the link beside each song to listen to it in a new tab, or right click the tune and click "save as", "save link as" or "save target as" to save the file to your computer, and listen to it on the move.

You'll also notice that files are available in both MP3 and AAC format. If you're using an MP3 player or iPod, the MP3 version of the file should play just fine (and already has the album and artist details ready for you), but if you feel like listening to the DSi music... on your DSi (or Wii Photo Channel if you're really cool), then you'll need the AAC version.

DSi Main Menu
Length: 3 minutes 13 seconds
MP3 Song: Play (2.94Mb)
AAC Song: Play (1.77Mb)

DSi Camera Music
Length: 1 minute 30 seconds
MP3 Song: Play (1.37Mb)
AAC Song: Play (886Kb)

DSi Shop Music
Length: 2 minutes 2 seconds
MP3 Song: Play (1.86Mb)
AAC Song: Play (1.15Mb)

Pyoro and Paper Plane DSiWare Menu Music
Length: 1 minute 27 seconds
MP3 SongPlay 1.33Mb)
AAC Song: Play (925Kb)

WarioWare Snapped! Main Menu
Length: 47 seconds
MP3 Song: Play (739Kb)
AAC Song: Play (486Kb)

I apologize if the music sounds a tad bad from time to time: I blame my audio jack connect-y thing, Windows Movie Maker for recording my songs in naff WMA format and Format Factory for having to convert my audio files to AAC and MP3. Anyway, enjoy!