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E-mailing The Industry - Part Three

   Many people have e-mailed big companies in the past about different issues. Whether asking for a new part for a broken gadget, or asking for technical support on a new telly, lots of us have had to do it. This new regular feature is about what happens when we e-mail big gaming companies and what their replies say, so that YOU don't have to.
    The messages themselves have also been slightly altered, but the main content is still there, so you can see all of my original spelling mistakes and possible rudeness/politeness. If you are a company or person involved in this feature, please let us know if you have any concerns, and we'll remove offending features or quotes.
    E-Mail #3: Activision
    RE: Call of Duty - Wii Speak compatible?
Original message (from me - 14/9/08 - 10:31 - via online form)
Just a quick question to ask: will the Wii version of the upcoming Call of Duty game feature Wii Speak usage (ie talking to others over a microphone)?

Reply (from Mr Team - 16/9/08 - 10:51)
Please go to  http://www.callofduty.com/ where you can check out all of the Call of Duty World At War information

Thanks for your message

PR team

My thoughts on the reply
So basically... that's a no. No doubt the XBox version will have voice chat, so why not us? What's more - the website told us hardly anything! I suppose we can expect voice chat in next year's version (providing this year's sells enough on Wii), since the Wii Speak accessory is only out this December, but they could have given us a proper reply. I mean - come on!