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E-Mailing The Industry - Part Two

   Many people have e-mailed big companies in the past about different issues. Whether asking for a new part for a broken gadget, or asking for technical support on a new telly, lots of us have had to do it. This new regular feature is about what happens when we e-mail big gaming companies and what their replies say, so that YOU don't have to.
    For reasons of people possibly suing us, we have removed the original names of the people who replied, and have changed their name to something completely different (like with Mr Yeeees down there). The messages have also been altered, but the main content is still there, and so you can see all of my original spelling mistakes and possible rudeness/politeness. If you are a company or person involved in this feature, please let us know if you have any concerns, and we'll remove offending features or quotes.

    E-Mail #2: Nnooo
    RE: Pop Updates?
Original message (from me - 21/7/08 - 13:45)
    Hiya there nnooo,
    Just a quick question about your WiiWare game Pop: is there any way I can clearly and easily view my records and their information on the menu screen? All I can see are the logo's, and although I know what some of them mean, it's a bit awkward to view. If there is no other way to view them, will you be releasing an update or any other method that would explain my rewards more (and yes, I have read the icon description in the manual)?
    Thanks, Billy White

Reply (from Mr Yeeees - creative director (Nnooo) - 31/7/08 - 01:27)
    Hi Billy,
    Sadly, you can't find out what the badges are in game, but here are what you get them for, anyway:
Completing each Normal Wave
Completing each Advanced Wave
Creating chains of a certain length
Getting multipliers 
Completing training lessons
Playing for a certain amount of time
Completing certain objectives in multiplayer
    I think that is it!
    Mr Yeeees

My thoughts on the reply
I didn't expect them to give me much info, since I'd already trawled through the game looking for the answers I desired in the first place. Also, sorry for the late post guys - I know it's been over two months since I got the reply. Since then, though, there have been no updates, although Nnooo are now working on an iPhone version of their game.

UPDATE: Read our exclusive interview with Nnooo here