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Exclusive Manic Monkey Mayhem Contest!

Have an eagle eye? Need more potassium in your diet? Then have we got a contest for you! In honour of the WiiWare release of Manic Monkey Mayhem, Wiiloveit.com has partnered up with The Code Monkeys to bring you something special. We used our surplus of bananas and hid them in 50 different places on the site. In this virtual treasure hunt, you'll scour the rich articles on Wiiloveit to find as many yellow-coloured fruit as you can. But don't worry, the stomachaches that are bound to result are only imaginary. 

Our contest is officially over. The results have now been posted! 
Click here for details.

Here's how it works. You're looking for a special, circular icon that has a banana in the center of it. Each time you find this icon on the site, take down the exact link where you found it. Once you feel you've found a good number of bananas, submit your entry via email. For each correct submission, you'll earn one point towards your overall score. 

Participants can also be awarded bonus points. You can draw attention to content from Wiiloveit by retweeting a review or another hot article, originally posted on our Twitter account. Or, you can write about it in your blog or on MySpace/Facebook. You can even post it on the wall of another account if you wish. Provide us with the exact link so that we can award you with some extra points, up to a maximum of 10 different articles. In order to participate on Twitter/Facebook/MySpace, you must have at least one follower on the account.

Those who subscribe to our Twitter account will receive riddles periodically of where some of the bananas are hiding. Stay tuned for those as well!

Players must be located in North America (US/Canada) in order to participate. We reserve the right to make adjustments to the ruleset, if a need arises.

The two participants who earn the most points will be provided with a gift of Manic Monkey Mayhem on WiiWare. If more than two people reach the maximum number of points possible (60), then it will be determined by who reached the cap first. 

All entries must be sent via email to ks8@wiiloveit.com. The subject line should read "Manic Monkey Mayhem Contest Entry" (or 'MMM' for short) followed by a hyphen and your nickname/first name. Please note that winners will be publicly announced, here on the site.

If there are any discrepancies with your entry, we'll get back to you before the winners are finalized. The deadline for submission is Monday, July 19th at 11:59AM EST. No other entries will be accepted after this point.

We'd like to thank Janet Smith of The Code Monkeys team for assisting us in this endeavour. This entire contest is being organized and hosted by the Wiiloveit team, not The Code Monkeys.


When will we find out the results?
Winners will be announced here on the site and you will be contacted directly. If selected, you must then register my Wii Number. Depending on region restrictions with our Wii consoles, prizes may not necessarily be awarded in the order listed. We hope to finalize everything by next week but this is subject to change. 
What if I already have the game?
You can still enter this competition if you'd like to give the game to a friend so you can play online together! 
Are multiple entries permitted?
Of course. Just please do not send in each link individually. At the very least, send a couple in an email each time. However, if you thought you've exhausted your search but find one more, then we won't object if you send in a single link. Please indicate multiple entries by marking the subject line as "Manic Monkey Mayhem Contest (or MMM) Contest Entry #2". 
How will I know how well I'm doing in comparison to the other entries you've received thus far?
Although we won't divulge these kinds of details to keep things suspenseful for all who enter, we may provide a clue or an update on how things are coming along by means of our Twitter account. Subscribe to us so you don't miss a beat!
I have a question about something that's not covered in this article. What do I do?
Any questions can be sent directly to myself, at ks8@wiiloveit.com.