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E-Mailing The Industry - Part One

    Many people have e-mailed big companies in the past about different issues. Whether asking for a new part for a broken gadget, or asking for technical support on a new telly, lots of us have had to do it. This new regular feature is about what happens when we e-mail big gaming companies and what their replies say, so that YOU don't have to.
    For reasons of people possibly suing us :D we have removed the original names of the people who replied, and have changed their name to something completely different (like with Clive down there). The messages themselves have not been altered slightly, but the main content is still there, and so you can see all of my original spelling mistakes and possible rudeness/politeness.

    E-Mail #1: Bizarre Creations
    RE: Geometry Wars Wii sequel?
Original message (from me - 8/8/08 - 19:04)
    After reading all about the awesomeness of GW2 on XBLA, I was wondering if Wii or DS owners will ever see any new games in the series. Galaxies is my favourite "retro" style game on both Wii and DS, and the prospect of a new game in the series excites me. Since GW2 is currently only on XBLA, (wheras I don't have an XBox) I was wondering if that would ever feature on another console aswell.
    Thanks, Billy White

Reply (from Clive - community & web developer at www.bizzarecreations.com - 15/8/08 - 17:02)
    Thanks for the message, and sorry about the delay for reply. I'm sorry to say that it's unlikely you'll see the latest Geometry Wars game on Wii or DS in the near future since it's going to stay as an Xbox 360 exclusive for some time.
    Sorry to disappoint y'all.

My thoughts on the reply
Ah well. But he did say that it will be exclusive to the 360 for SOME TIME - (hopefully) meaning that it won't stay exclusive forever. And yes, I did quite enjoy Geometry Wars on Wii and DS tyvm. Oh, and feel free to read that a possible sequel "excites me" however you wish.