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Head-to-Head: Fun! Fun! Minigolf VS Family Mini Golf

Since WiiWare's inception, we've seen the release of two mini-golf games and surely there will be more to come. How do you decide between the two if you're looking to one of these games for providing you with a good mini-golf experience? Well, you could do what all indecisives do when faced with a tough decision: flip a coin! But if you're hoping to make a more accurate decision (preferrably one where you won't get burned) then you've come to the right place. Within this feature, you'll find comparisons between Fun! Fun! Minigolf and Family Mini Golf and hopefully by the end of it, you'll be able to make a good decision. With that in mind, let's begin! There are a total of 8 categories that have been chosen by which to compare these two titles.


Fun! Fun! Minigolf: Simple controls yet easy enough to use. Can read swings accurately too. Simply approach the ball, hold A and wait for the meter to line up on the ball in the right spot before swinging.

Family Mini Golf: Very simple controls anyone can get used to. Even more simple than the control scheme found in Fun! Fun! Minigolf. Simply hold A to lock in the power bar and swing to execute the shot. If your character is stuck at a certain part (for example, near a cliff), you are able to change the position of your character and move them on the opposite side.

Winner: Fun! Fun! Minigolf

Although Family Mini Golf features a control scheme that's suited well to its target audience and it works well, FFM features a slightly more accurate control scheme that makes it easier to tell where you want the ball to go and where the ball will end up, putting it slightly above Family Mini Golf.

                                           Fun! Fun! Minigolf 1  -  Family Mini Golf 0


Fun! Fun! Minigolf: Definitely looks the part. Widely considered to be one of the best-looking games on WiiWare. Backgrounds look lush, and very polished. Menus are easy to navigate and being able to select the same character for more than one player is a great benefit.

Family Mini Golf: Looks decent, but doesn't look great or anything. You'd almost be ready to pass it off by the graphics alone if you didn't try it out yourself. Simple but it works. At least the menus are simple enough to plow through. Like with Fun! Fun! Minigolf, it's great that more than one person can pick the same character - something other Family titles don't feature. 

Winner: Fun! Fun! Minigolf

Fun! Fun! Minigolf's beautiful graphics, attention to detail, and excellence in menu screen navigation, definitely top Family Mini Golf's more simplistic approach.

Fun! Fun! Minigolf 2  -  Family Mini Golf 0


Fun! Fun! Minigolf: Good multiplayer especially for those of a younger audience. Being able to select the same character for more than one player is a great benefit especially so you're not forced into picking someone you don't want to.

Family Mini Golf: Great multiplayer because of how challenging the gameplay is. Many will want to play again and beat their best stroke count on each course/hole especially with how puzzle-oriented the courses are. Like with Fun! Fun! Minigolf, it's great that more than one person can pick the same character - something other Family titles don't feature. Being able to finish your turn before the next person is certainly appreciated. Also features 8-player support, something FFM lacks.

 Family Mini Golf

Family Mini Golf features stronger multiplayer but not only because of the added 8-player support, but because of how captivating the overall gameplay is when playing with friends. Many will want to play again aiming for better strokes more so than in Fun! Fun! Minigolf since those courses don't require as much skill.

Fun! Fun! Minigolf 2  -  Family Mini Golf 1


Fun! Fun! Minigolf: Most of the stages are simple in nature, nothing particularly outstanding. The environments are at least a little varied with the three locales that are in the game. There are some tricky stages though but not as many as FMG.

Family Mini Golf: Many of the stages are really challenging especially the courses found in the game's avaiable DLC. Much of the game's replay value stems from how challenging the game is and how gratifying it can be to clear said stages in as few tries as possible.

Winner: Family Mini Golf

It's undeniable that Family Mini Golf is the clear winner here. Fun Fun Minigolf's decent stages don't trump Family Mini Golf's more creative, challenging holes.

Fun! Fun! Minigolf 2  -  Family Mini Golf 2

Special Features

Fun Fun Minigolf: Doesn't really do anything "special" past the core mechanics and gameplay.

Family Mini Golf: The game unlocks a "Bonus Mode" once you complete the Castle course but this isn't entirely useful as it's just a Credit Roll. The DLC, however, is a great addition that goes a long way, even if there are only three packs. It goes quite a long way in a game like this.

Winner: Family Mini Golf

The DLC here makes a big difference and although it would've been nice to have them available at the outset, the pricing is quite reasonable and definitely worth it for the level of challenge they bring to the table.

Fun! Fun! Minigolf 2  -  Family Mini Golf 3

Frustration Factor

Fun! Fun! Minigolf: The often-referenced flaw of getting "Out of bounds" constantly only adds to the frustration. Why the game was designed in such a way is beyond me.

Family Mini Golf: Because the game's holes can be really challenging at times, it can be frustrating (especially the DLC) but it's not as frustrating as the whole "Out of bounds" deal found within FFM unless you're not really a patient person.

 Family Mini Golf

It can be hard for new players to get over the whole somewhat-unnecessary "Out of bounds" annoyance but more experienced players will probably get used to it. This isn't exactly a good one for FFM to win and as a result, Family Mini Golf gets a point over its rival.

Fun! Fun! Minigolf 2  -  Family Mini Golf 4


Fun! Fun! Minigolf: At the end of each course you are awarded with a Medal based on your performance and you are shown the final scorecard but sadly there's no way to keep track of your best records - a huge oversight in a game like this. There's very little to be said of mastering the stages here save for on a few stages since many of them aren't particularly tough.

Family Mini Golf: Same as FFM where at the very end you'll be presented with your total stroke count and you'll discover how well you did. Surprisingly, there's no keeping track of your best records here either. Replay value stems from the courses themselves in learning them and mastering them, more so than in FFM since the courses here are more challenging and more puzzle-oriented. The challenge of the downloadable courses also adds much to the game's replay value in trying to master them.

 Family Mini Golf

Despite the fact that there's no separate mode for Records, the courses are worth replaying for their level of challenge and fun factor, much more so than in FFM. Especially for solo players, FMG is the clear winner, in part thanks to the DLC.

Fun! Fun! Minigolf 2  -  Family Mini Golf 5

Overall Value

Fun! Fun! Minigolf: 900 Points gets you 3 courses with 9 holes each which amount to 27 holes in total. Nothing else past that which isn't bad in itself but not amazing value or anything.

Family Mini Golf: 500 Points gets you the same amount of courses and holes as FFM but for even cheaper! And if you enjoy the game, you can even get some of the game's DLC and increase the total amount of holes to 56. Even two packs would amount to 900 Points and that's already better value than Fun Fun Minigolf since that would mean you'd be getting 18 more holes in FMG for the same price.

 Family Mini Golf

Family Mini Golf is the same level of content for more simplistic controls, more simple graphics and presentation and in return, a smaller price. Even still, the courses here are worth replaying plus there's DLC. This is clearly the better value.

Fun! Fun! Minigolf 2  -  Family Mini Golf 6

Final Verdict

Sure it's easy to write off Family Mini Golf just for being part of the "Family" series but when said game does much to leave a lasting impression on the player despite its flaws, it says a lot especially in the way it stacks up to the likes of Fun! Fun! Minigolf. You'd think it'd be more.. well.... fun! Hopefully this feature has helped so you can get your mini-golf fix on WiiWare! Don't be quick to write Family Mini Golf off just because of its graphics in comparison to how brilliant Fun! Fun! Minigolf looks. Family Mini Golf has a lot going for it, especially at only 500 Points!