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HoopWorld DLC Suggestions

2nd August 2010; By KnucklesSonic8

It was encouraging to hear that Virtual Toys would be taking note of what the fans had to say about DLC possibilities. I'm really hoping that the team follows through, and soon. So to give them some ideas, the following is a series of suggestions of potential add-ons I'd like to see added to the in-game Shop. And whether you agree with my thoughts or not, if you've given this great a game a try, I encourage you to express yourself on what you'd like to see too.

So the first set comes in the form of new modes. It would be interesting to see some new modes that differ from the standard gameplay. Here are some of the ideas I came up with:

Tag Mode
Players accumulate points for keeping the ball in their possession. Players are confined to a time limit and whoever earns the most points by the end is pronounced the winner. I'm sure the team can come up with a better name for it too.

Classic Mode 
I personally would miss the presence of items, but for those who would like the ability to play a standard pick-up game, this might be nice to have.

Mission / Story Mode
This would be a nice option for those who have beaten Tournament Mode on Hard with all teams. Essentially, it would delve more into the roots of HoopWorld where each team is fighting to uncover the secrets of the ancient temples and such. Naturally, this would mean new courts and perhaps even some cutscenes, but there's a variety of ways this can be approached. If this isn't doable, a mission mode of sorts would be great, where you need to complete certain objectives such as catching up from an early lead given to the CPU, or playing a 1-on-1 game. 

Co-op Mode
How about having a special option where two people can play on the same team in a Tournament? If this works out, then 4-player multiplayer might also be something to consider.

Online Service
I wouldn't mind paying 100 or 200 Wii Points more if it meant that we had the ability to play online. I don't imagine this would be easy to execute (and I'm not even sure if this is possible), but it would still be a really valuable addition.

Next up is a list of ideas in the form of new stadiums, teams, and other things of a similar nature.

New Costumes / Teams
This kind of goes without saying, but new costumes for the teams might be nice to have if they were included in an expansion pack with other goodies. 

Mii Support 
Perhaps there could be a special team that you can customize to bring your Mii into the game, even with multiple costumes.

If a Mission Mode isn't doable, having a series of special tasks that players can perform would add replayability. Rewarding players for winning a Sudden Death match, for example.

New Themed Courts 
The Nalaks look alien in appearance (more specifically, their hidden counterparts), which would be a perfect fit for an out-of-this-world, space-themed court. Or even better, a stage that's based off of Spaceball: Revolution. I'm not sure why but I can see an underwater level working well as well, where play occurs in an underwater base that's enclosed from the surrounding waters. It might even be humorous to have a court based off of a real-life basketball stadium.

Special Courts
I would especially love to see wacky courts where things are happening during the game to increase the level of intensity. So for example, continuing with my last suggestion, you could have spaceballs coming in on random occasions, trying to hit digital panels in the background. And anyone that gets in its way would be stunned. That's just one idea I had in my head, but I'm sure the team could come up with unique courts where the environment plays a role in gameplay.

More Music 
I loved the catchy funk-filled music they included, and I would love to hear more songs. Maybe they can even add the ability to choose a song before gameplay begins to adjust their gameplay experience.

Out of all these, seeing online play would be the most pleasing to me. It's a stretch, but I get excited just thinking about it. Hopefully, these other modest suggestions will give the team an idea of what kinds of things they might like to include. I look forward to seeing what kinds of DLC the developers end up adding to the Shop. So long as it doesn't end up like Spaceball: Revolution's promised add-on's, I'll be really happy.

Feature by KnucklesSonic8
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