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HoopWorld Hints & Tips

30th September 2010; By KnucklesSonic8

HoopWorld can be very difficult at some points. But the more you play, the more tricks you'll learn as you try to build up your confidence for the Crazy tournament. And so to help you get your groove, consult the following guide: a list of hints and tips to give you the assistance you need to get the sought-after trophy.

Stealing the Ball
If you tackle your opponent twice, they'll get knocked out on the floor for a couple seconds, giving you an open window to steal the ball. But if another teammate is nearby, they'll quickly rush over to try to prevent the steal so be on guard for this. When you're the one with the ball, if you get tackled but aren't KO'd, be sure to pass or shoot the ball before they strike again.

Clearing the Ball
When you're in real danger, it's a good idea to shoot the ball while you're in your end zone to send it flying to the other side of the court. This is especially useful in the following situations:
  • When the seconds are winding down and you're one or two points away from a tie or a loss.
  • You have a hard time getting around good defense.
  • Your opponent has a bomb item.
Basket Shield 
Strategic use of this item can really come in handy when you're facing off against merciless CPU's. Here are some scenarios where it's especially beneficial to use this item:
  • During the last 15 seconds of a game.
  • While your rival is in the process of performing a dunk. 
More on the matter of dunking, if your active character is directly underneath the hoop, waiting for your opponent to score, the computer won't run up and perform a dunk. This is important to keep in mind as it affords you the opportunity to actually block the ball from going on.

Now, remember: dunks are performed automatically. However, if you perform a "running jump" sort of deal, you're more likely to perform one. Activate the boost power and while the speed effect is in place, shoot quickly while you're right before or a little over the ring that closes off the two-pointer zone.

If you want to have any hope of beating the CPU's on Hard/Crazy, you absolutely must have good blocking skills. Make it a goal to practice blocking on Easy/Normal and I guarantee you that the game will be more enjoyable, not to mention the computers will seem less cheap. Don't settle for a quick tap and release of the B Button. Hold the B Button to apply maximum height to your jump. It's also important to note that the computers don't block well at all themselves. So that's another weakness that you can exploit, even on the highest difficulty.

Here's another tip: as you practice, study the timing that's involved in blocking successfully. For short-range, two-pointer shots, you'll have to go pretty much right after your opponent let's go of the ball. The farther away they're shooting from, the more time you'll need to wait to discern the exact moment.

Shadow/Golden Ball
When this is in play, I strongly recommend that you just forget about tackling when facing off against Hard/Crazy CPU's and just camp by your net. Not only does it ensure that they won't dunk it in, but it also allows you to concentrate on the ball. It also avoids the situation of getting psyched out by quick passes, trying to chase after the player with the ball. 

Energy Surge
When you get this item, use it to your full advantage. Press the C Button multiple times to continuously activate boost power. This is especially handy right after you've made a goal, as you have even greater opportunities to intercept while a pass is being made.

Straight Shooter
It goes without saying that there's no sense in using this item for silly two-pointers. Stand towards the back of your opponent's end zone to go for the three-pointers. This item can also be helpful for scoring four-pointers if you shoot really close to the center of the court, but it's still not a guaranteed swish.

Turtle's Shell
If your opponents have a Bomb power-up in their inventory, this can be useful for cancelling out its effects. Of course, you have no idea when they'll use it. But to be sure they don't get a clear opening for a goal, make sure to use it especially when they're on your side of the court.

Advanced Needle
I'll be honest with you, this is a very tricky mechanism that even I have been unable to perfect. And you won't be able to because of two factors:
  • You only have one or two seconds to act.
  • The needle always starts in a random spot, meaning there isn't a predictable pattern to follow.
However, there are some tips that you can take with you if you choose to make use of this control scheme. A good rule of thumb is to be attentive to the colours on the gauge, and try to let go of the needle as close to the Red as possible. Keep in mind, too, that the needle usually only bounces off one side of the gauge shortly before the effect wears off entirely.

Hopefully these tips are helpful, especially when it comes down to the wire during the Crazy Tournament. While I have covered quite a bit, it's still up to you experiment for yourself and see what works for you. Just don't show this to your friends!

Feature by KnucklesSonic8
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