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26th March 2011; Feature article by Daan (Email)

Only a few hours left before the Nintendo 3DS is available in all regions -- this calls for a celebration! Like any good celebration, it all begins with the music. To honour the release of the Nintendo 3DS, we are going to deliver special music packs that you can download for whatever you like, including your 3DS now that it accepts MP3's.

In our first musical package, we bring all the brief jingles of the Nintendo 3DS Menus. From the happy tunes of the StreetPass Mii Plaza, to the creepy-sounding intro of the Face Raiders game, they are all here for you to enjoy. Expect more packs up in the coming days ahead!

3DS Video Jingle

3DS Sound Jingle

3DS Camera Jingle

AR Games Jingle
Face Raiders Jingle

Mii Maker Jingle

StreetPass Mii Park Jingle

Settings Jingle
Activity Log Jingle

Download Play Jingle

Health & Safety Information Jingle