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Just Dance 2: DLC Analysis - It's Not Unusual

11th January 2011; By KnucklesSonic8

Viewed comprehensively, I'm very pleased with the DLC selection Ubisoft has put forth towards Just Dance 2 thus far. The picks feel well-rounded with a good number of them being worthwhile purchase. Of course, that can't be said of all the songs but that's exactly where this feature comes in. I'll briefly be analyzing some of the songs currently available in the online Store to give you a better idea of what to expect after you select the Download button.

    The first one up for consideration is 'It's Not Unusual' by Tom Jones - a great song choice if you ask me. Let me start by saying that I love the colours used here. The magenta, the reds and the pinks all work well together, and the whole stage atmosphere is carried throughout the entire routine rather well. In line with that, the unique brightly-coloured dancer created specifically for this song helps add some personality to the whole thing.

    As a sort of pre-amble to the routine, there's a brief intro that shows the male dancer running away and hiding from a group of screaming ladies. They're represented as black silhouettes with pink outlines so they're clearly recognized as a secondary element in the routine. It's a quirky little opener that transitions nicely into the beginning of the song. 

    So, how's the routine itself? As the song starts to pick up, players flick their wrists in tune with the music to simulate a finger-snapping motion. It's a light start to what quickly becomes a high-energy routine. The main draw of the whole dance is the fact that the dancer's movements are highly inspired off of Carlton from the TV series, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Players will swing their arms rapidly at a quick-and-furious speed on multiple occasions throughout the routine. 

    When you're not having lots of fun with this part, you'll find yourself putting on a show for the all-female audience. Although they're not always seen, this excited group of ladies will try to reach out at your dancer from the bottom of the screen at specific moments. During the routine, you'll be singing to them, pointing in their direction as you swiftly strut across the floor, and even blow them a kiss or two towards the end. The choreography is very engaging and if you lose yourself in the fun movements, it's very easy to feel like you were putting on a show in your living room. 

If you rely on Just Dance 2 for livening up parties amongst close friends and family, you'll definitely want to purchase this one. It's incredibly hard to fight the urge to try it for yourself since the dancer makes it look like so much fun to play. If not for the "Carlton factor" alone, then the super-fun arm swinging the game has you doing should seal the deal for you. Definitely one of the better ones available so far. 

Additional DLC write-ups will come soon, but in the meantime, watch the full routine of this song in the video below!

Feature by KnucklesSonic8
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