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Just Dance 2: DLC Analysis - Pump Up the Volume

4th May 2011; By KnucklesSonic8

It's that time again! Welcome to Part 5 of our DLC Analysis feature for Just Dance 2. After taking a look at some of the more recent picks, this time I felt like going back to one of the earlier additions. Our featured song this time around is Pump Up the Volume by M/A/R/R/S. 

    From the very beginning, I felt Pump Up the Volume stands out from the rest in its own way, coming across as being different from the rest. As to what it is that makes it different, I'm not entirely sure, but when I played the song for the first time, I actually thought it felt a little odd. But that doesn't necessarily make it bad, just tailored to a different taste. The song isn't super-catchy to listen to or anything like that, so much weight rests on the routine itself.

    The first thing you should know is that, for the most part, it's less involved than even some of the other DLC songs the developers have on offer. Even though the song rating doesn't exactly reflect this, the dance moves they have you doing are more technical in nature, to the point that this song is actually a challenge to get a 5 Star rating on. I found it to be quite repetitive with only a few occasional changes, but it was only after a couple plays that I started to realize it. Players are asked to perform the same three or four sets of moves for most of the song, and not all of them are fun as you will quickly discover. If you continue playing it again and again, the routine starts to get annoying, which of course isn't good when this is something you have to pay for.

    I really liked the space theme they chose for this song in addition to the way they incorporated this theme into some of the moves you performed. The most obvious example is the slow space walk, but there's also a moment where you're walking back and forth, throwing bright comets off to the side. So that was a bit refreshing.

    The most enjoyable part of the whole routine was the segment where the lyrics read "Put the needle on the record". The hand raises for the "Pump up the volume" lines were also kind of fun to do. Towards the end of the routine, the song introduces a totally different genre of dance that's more in line with the song 'Katti Kalandal'. I understand it was a part of the song, but it was very very strange having to do those moves towards the end and looking strictly at the other moves you had to do and not the song itself, this segment felt out of place.

To be honest, if you're typically drawn to the fast-paced songs in Just Dance 2, the choreography here won't do much for you. Once in a while, it's fine to play, but otherwise it quickly overstays its welcome. There are many songs in Just Dance 2 that you could easily play again and again by yourself, and this just isn't one of those songs. After a while, you start to get annoyed with it, and there's a good possibility you'll be disappointed over not picking a different song. Unless you're really bent on purchasing most of the DLC, I'd say just stick with one of the stronger choices.

Hopefully you can pick up on what I've said by watching the video below. Are there any DLC songs you're unsure about? Let us know and we'll try to cover it in a future article!

Feature by KnucklesSonic8
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