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KS8's Top 10 Wii Games

I have the honor of presenting to you readers the first of a series of features that will take a look back at some of the better games on our favourite Nintendo platforms. Today's first entry will list my Top 10 favourite Wii games of all time. Trust me when I say that this was not easy to do, especially since there are so many Wii games that deserve recognition, but sadly, I was forced by the cheeky fella' who oversees this site to limit it to only 10 titles (*makes whipping sound* - Editor).

    Without getting into a long preamble, please bare in mind that these are ultimately my personal favourite titles and this isn't necessarily a representation of the Top 10 Wii games that everyone should have in their collection. Please keep this in mind as you read on because I guarantee you that you'll be surprised with the appearance of more than one game. I think that's a fairly straight-forward intro, don't you? Now let's get straight into checking out my chosen titles one by one!

Top 10 Wii Games lists

10 - Rayman Raving Rabbids & Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party
Publisher: Ubisoft; Released: 2006/2008

I have a real soft spot for Rayman Raving Rabbids. It was the second game I ever got for my Wii and I wasn't expecting too much, to be frank. Looking back, I would've regretted not giving it a try. Sure, it's a mini-game collection but it's one of the best ones I've ever played with a really strong single-player experience that will last you months and beyond! The game's Score Mode cotnains a massive amount of Replay Value for completionists and it's because of this very mode that makes the game what it is.
    While the second title in the series wasn't the greatest multiplayer experience, Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party is definitely on my Top 5 list of strongest mini-game compliations ever made. In between its multiplayer-focused mini-games, TV Party squeezes in some randomness as well as humour, leading to an experience that's as gripping as it is enjoyable. Balance Board integration is also really innovative with excellent execution. Be sure to give this one a chance because whether you're playing with friends or family, the game's a blast and delivers some elements that other mini-game collections lack.
    It's almost impossible to choose between these two titles since they both equally have the makings of a great mini-game collection -- the former having a strong single-player experience and the latter having a strong focus towards multiplayer. For that reason, they've been grouped together, tieing for the 10th spot on my list!

9 - Super Mario Galaxy
Publisher: Nintendo; Released: 2007; Wiiloveit Review

Definitely in my Top 3 Mario adventure games ever made. The game's about much more than just its stunning graphics; thanks to its brilliant level design, Galaxy is a blast to romp through. Even if you complete the full quest, there's more that awaits you afterwards, something that not all Mario games can boast. If Super Mario Galaxy 2 can improve on the minor flaws of the original (such as its lack of extended difficulty), then there's no reason to believe that it won't be recognized as one of my favourite Wii games.
    But without jumping the gun too much, I will say that anyone who owns a Wii has to play this game - it's a fact of life! It may wear off for some but make no mistake that the journey is sure to bring a smile to your face.

8 - Mario Super Sluggers
Publisher: Nintendo; Released: 2008

Although some critics missed the mark with this one, Sluggers is an excellent experience amongst friends and family, and even when playing by yourself. The game even features the most comprehensive selection of characters to ever appear in a Mario game. If you get many opportunities to play this with friends, it's doubtful that you'll be disappointed with Mario Super Sluggers. I'm definitely glad I gave this game the benefit of the doubt despite what I was hearing about it. This really does deliver an enjoyable multiplayer experience.

7 - Mario Strikers Charged
Publisher: Nintendo; Released: 2007 (AKA Mario Strikers Charged: Football)

This game was one of the first online titles for the Wii, and really, it still deserves as a great example for other developers to follow, with its mostly-great execution. Much like Mario Power Tennis on the Gamecube, Mario Strikers Charged is one of the hardest, most challenging Mario sports titles ever made; really, though, that's what helps make it so replayable. A strong multiplayer experience both offline and online, Mario Strikers Charged definitely deserves a purchase.

6 - Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Publisher: Ubisoft; Release Date: 2006/2008

SEGA had a lot on thier plate, having to deliver an even stronger experience than that of their first Nintendo-SEGA collaboration. In the end, SEGA did a fantastic job, and as it turns out, Winter Games proved itself to be much more than a rehash of the first title. With tons of fan service, replayable events, loads of replay value and more, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is one of the strongest multiplayer experiences currently available for the Wii. 

5 - Wii Sports Resort
Publisher: Nintendo; Release Date: 2009

Wii Sports Resort is, in a word, fabulous. Through the WiiMotionPlus peripheral, the game showed exactly what the Wii is all about with 1:1 motion! With some truly gripping and exciting activites to play in groups, Wii Sports Resort captures the enjoyment of Wii Sports and improves on it to a superlative degree. It's of little wonder that the game is selling like crazy; furthermore, it should also be no surprise that this game appears in my Top 10 list.
    Since I got sick of Wii Sports (except of course for Tennis), I wasn't expecting Wii Sports Resort to be amazing at all, but I'm very pleased that it exceeded expectations.

4. Boom Blox: Bash Party
Publisher: EA; Release Date: 2009

Steven Spielberg can rightly be described as a genius for developing Boom Blox, one of many games people could use to show that the Wii is much more than just mini-game compilations. The sequel improves on many aspects of the original, including a more fleshed-out level creator and online level sharing. Although this is the closest thing Wii owners will get to LittleBigPlanet, it still serves as one of the top contenders on the platform.

3. WarioWare: Smooth Moves
Publisher: Nintendo; Release Date: 2007

Even though it's one of the first releases to grace the Wii, it's still an excellent showcase of the versatility of the Wii Remote. Not only that, but the game is probably the most random, funniest games you'll encounter on the platform, making it a heckuva riot when you have friends and family who want to play.

2. Mario Kart Wii
Publisher: Nintendo; Release Date: 2008

Need I say more? The strongest Mario Kart release yet, with extensive online functionality, strong multiplayer and some truly great level design. Sure it has some flaws but everything that Mario Kart Wii does right strongly overpowers the minute discrepancies ones might have with it.

1. DDR Hottest Party 3 & DDR Hottest Party 2
Publisher: Konami; Release Date: 2008/2009

Surprised to see this on my list? Well, you better believe it because this is not a joke. The Hottest Party titles have not received the recognition they deserve, particularly the latter two releases in the series. Hottest Party 2 made excellent strides in reinventing the standard DDR formula which was getting to wear a bit thin for some. Its Hand Marker system brought life back into the normal gameplay, adding a whole new level of dimension, challenge and fun - yes, fun that could've only been possible on the Wii. The level of progression one experiences in getting used to said system is wonderful and it's amazing to see yourself achieve AAA ranks with Hand Markers - a truly impressive feat.
Hottest Party 3 is just all around amazing. Definitely has one of the strongest song lists to ever appear in a DDR release with loads of memorable tunes and step charts. Konami deserves kudos for what they did with this release. Quite frankly, DDR Hottest Party 3 would've been a monster of a release had it not been for a few niggles, including the way in which the Hand Marker system was approached. With the high level of innovation they've maintained in Hottest Party 2 and Hottest Party 3, it's almost baffling, having to see that Konami doesn't get the praise they deserve.
    But now, with these games being featured as #1 on this list of my favourite Wii games, hopefully more attention will be directed towards these titles so that other games will be able to enjoy the awesome experiences these two games provide.

Honourable Mentions
A handful of games that didn't quite reach the top ten (in no particular order)

New Play Control! Pikmin
I never had the priviledge of playing this game on the Gamecube although I wish I did. Still, Pikmin is a really good game even till this day and Nintendo was really smart to bring it into the hands of those who never got the chance to experience it the first time around.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Yes, we all know the game's impressive. But I vowed not to add this to my Top 10 simply because it's plastered everywhere else already. Everyone already knows that this game deserves a lot for all that Nintendo did with this one so I won't even bother going on about it.

Super Paper Mario
Despite the minimal replay value, the journey is really fun with some of the best dialogue ever to be feature in a Mario game. Although Thousand-Year Door still gets the award for the best Paper Mario game, Super Paper Mario still deserves a mention, if only for its unique 2D/3D mix of gameplay as well as its puzzle elements.

This is still one of my favourite games on the Wii. Although it has its share of flaws, there's no dying that Elebits is still one of the most innovative games to hit the platform. Some may have passed this off for its cutesy style but make no mistake, the game is really impressive.

Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
Capcom's unique IP got ignored by the masses but those that did give the game a try got to experience one of the better point-and-click puzzle games to surface in quite some time. Everything about the game is a recipe for greatness and it's a shame that most didn't even give the game the benefit of the doubt. It really is an unforgettable game.

And that's the end of my list! Check back tomorrow for Billy's own Top 10 Wii games as we reach the final days of our Holiday Countdown, and look out throughout December for more lists of a similar nature! This is just the beginning...

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Posted 22nd December 2009
Feature by KnucklesSonic8