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Jack's Most Anticipated 3DS Titles

23rd March 2011; By Jack

With the 3DS only two days away from its European release, I honestly have mixed feelings looking at the systems currently announced titles, with a large chunk of it taken up by ports to reiterations of games from the ‘3D Revolution’ era. This isn’t too surprising considering the system’s main selling is its 3D parallax barrier screen, but thankfully there are also a large number of interesting new titles on the way too, making use of the system’s capabilities as well as delivering a fresh fun and plenty of variety to the system. Below I’ve picked out just a few of the interesting and unique experiences heading our way which I’m looking forward to over the coming months.

5. Pilotwings ResortDeveloper: Monster Games / Publisher: Nintendo
Nintendo has been wetting my appetite for a new Pilotwings for the last year or so now through Face Pilot on DSiWare and the Island Flyover mode in Wii Sports Resort. So when they announced a new Pilotwings game was heading to the 3DS, my eyes lit up in delight. While I’m not particularly interested in the signature 3D display, it should help with a game like this as it’s all about judging your distance from your next targets or landing spots. It will also play a big part in making exploring Wuhu Island that much more memorable as we get a chance to enjoy a relaxing flyover and explore all those secret nooks and crannies.

4. Professor Layton VS. Ace Attorney | Developer: Level-5 & CAPCOM / Publisher: Level-5
The DS has been home to some great story-driven franchises, such as the Ace Attorney series, Hotel Dusk, Ghost Trick, and Professor Layton, so it’s no surprise that this genre of games is making its way to the 3DS where they can deliver more immersive worlds, bigger stories and more unique puzzles. However, the announcement that two of it’s biggest stars, Hershel Layton and Phoenix Wright, would be teaming up in what has to be the crossover of the decade certainly came as a special surprise to fans of both series. Not much is known about the title yet other than it will see both stars teaming up to unravel a mystery involving accused witches and a mysterious book in which anything written will come true. The story is being handled by Shu Takumi of Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick fame while gameplay will involve a blend of Layton’s habit of finding a puzzle in every conversation and piece of scenery and Ace Attorney’s trademark heated courtroom battles. This clash of personalities and play styles has me incredibly excited and I’m sure they will make for a very memorable experience.

3. AR Games | Developer & Publisher: Nintendo
When you switch on your 3DS, one of the first things you’ll probably see is the AR games suite, which is built into every 3DS unit. This selection of games makes use of the AR Cards included with your 3DS in order to blend gameplay and reality together as you shoot down targets floating over your table or even face off against a dragon emerging from the kitchen sink. From the impressions I’ve seen for far, it looks like Nintendo’s camera technology has come a long way from what we saw at the DSi’s launch (WarioWare Snapped anyone?) and with the inclusion 3D cameras and gyroscopic controls, the system really has the chance to deliver a unique and compelling experience. With six titles available from the get go and plenty more to be unlocked using the Play Coins feature, I can’t wait to see what Nintendo has in store for us, as well as the different uses for this technology in future titles.

2. Fantasy Life | Developer: Brownie Brown & Level-5 / Publisher: CAPCOM
I’m a big fan of ‘life simulation RPG's’ such as Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing, so the upcoming Fantasy Life sounds like something I would love. While many RPG’s offer you the chance to save the world, Fantasy Life instead sees you taking on one of twenty jobs in the world of Fantazeal, working at your new profession, making friends with the other residents and generally just getting on with your daily life. You could spend your days delivering the post to your neighbours, working on the farmland, forging tools, guarding the palace or brewing health potions to sell to passing travellers. With so many different lives to lead, stories to discover and friends to make, Fantasy Life should offer a rich experience as you enjoy the results of a hard day’s work.

1. Steel Diver | Developer & Publisher: Nintendo
I was lucky enough to try the original Steel Diver prototype for the Nintendo DS a few years ago and I’ve been wanting to see a full version ever since. So the news that the project was being revived for the 3DS caught my interest and had me placing my pre-order for it as soon as possible. The Submarine mode manages to blend together the relaxing tranquility and pace of underwater life with frantic moments of panic as your submarine slowly steers it’s way out of danger. The control scheme is also appealing to me, ditching direct controls and instead using various sliders and wheels on the touch screen, helping to immerse you further into the submarine world and offering greater control without adding too much complexity. On top of this, the game also offers a more frantic Periscope mode which sees you using the 3DS’s gyroscope to aim at enemy ships as you try and sink them along with a two-player strategy game that is a strange mix of Battleship and Advance Wars. With its slow paced (but often panic-filled) gameplay and plenty of variety in its various modes, Steel Diver should be a blast! I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Feature by Jack
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