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Murat's Most Anticipated 3DS Titles

21st March 2011; By Murat

Editor's Note: With the launch of the 3DS just around the corner, Team Wiiloveit thought it would be good to outline upcoming games we're most looking forward to. Below you'll find Murat's Top 5 Most Anticipated 3DS Titles:

5. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition | Developer & Publisher: Capcom
I am not a HUGE Street Fighter fan, neither have I played every single installment in the franchise. However, I have to admit that Street Fighter IV was by far one of the most attractive-looking fighting games I've seen this generation and I was devastated to find out that the Wii would not be seeing a port. Fortunately, Wii owners were treated with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. Now, Capcom is continuing the support for Nintendo systems by bringing one of its solid franchises onto the 3DS. Not only does it look just as appealing as the HD console versions, but it also comes packed with a variety of brand new modes that make use of the 3DS connectivity and other features. Way to make up for the Wii exclusion Capcom!

4. Samurai Warriors 3D
Developer: Omega One / Publisher: TECMO KOEI
I did not know much about Samurai Warriors, nor was I aware that KOEI was the studio behind this marvel. The only game I played which serves somewhat of a resemblance to Samurai Warriors is Devil Kings. Unfortunately, the Devil Kings franchise seems to be hidden deep under a radar, and Samurai Warriors is currently shining brighter in comparison to its predecessors thanks to Samurai Warriors 3, Heroes, and now the 3DS title. The franchise is growing in popularity and the amount of content it boasts which makes me more than happy in knowing a title like this is arriving on the 3DS.

3. Saint's Row: Drive By | Developer & Publisher: THQ
Call me crazy if you want, but I haven’t seen or played a good open-world sandbox type game for an extremely long time. All of the open-world titles on the Wii are either badly ported, boast certain features that drain the purpose of a game like this. Sadly,
GTA Chinatown Wars is the only title I have seen on a Nintendo system (this generation at least) that hits all the checkpoints. Despite not seeing a single thing from Saint's Row 3D, I am really ambitious to see how far THQ will take the franchise on the 3DS and how they plan on implementing the technology. Hopefully it will be a true open-world sandbox game because I am really desperate for one!

2. Pro Evolution Soccer | Developer: Winning Eleven Productions / Publisher: Konami
Last generation I was a PS2 owner and I always had a tough decision as to whether I should buy FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer. Both games were unique and amazing in their own respective manner. Every year I went with one game over the other and I have to say, whilst FIFA has a more realistic approach, the core gameplay mechanics of Pro Evolution Soccer are unrivaled. This is something FIFA has tried to out-do for years, but have not succeeded. From the videos and images I've seen so far, not only is the game graphically appealing, but it also looks like it could snatch the gameplay ball for yet another year. Am I excited? You better believe it.

1. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D | Developer: Kojima Productions / Publisher: Konami
The Metal Gear Solid franchise has been around for quite some time now and has been one of the few franchises that has managed to transcend through the generations and maintaining the integrity of the franchise. Many franchises have fallen apart over the years, but Metal Gear just keeps on going. Whilst the franchise ushered many follow-ups, Hideo Kojima has done a terrific job in bringing life and entertainment into each title with well executed thoughts. Hideo's office is proof that he spends a lot of time in brainstorming ideas and thinking up alternatives, and so on. This 3DS version is no exception and Kojima is well aware of what he is doing. Expect an amazing Metal Gear experience is all I can say. Bring it on!

Next up is Patrick's list of 3DS games that he's most looking forward to!

Feature by Murat
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