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Results of Wiiloveit's Exclusive Magnetis Contest!

Our special promotion has, at last, come to a close. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank, first of all, Yullaby for helping to make all of this possible. This really was a team effort and we appreciate your support!

We would next like to thank you, our readers, for participating in this special opportunity. And a special thank you to those who followed us on Twitter, and are still subscribed to us even after the contest's close. We were just thrilled to get this going and I must say, I was pleased to hear the responses that many participants had made. Some were ambitious, feeling that they'd be able to dominate the competition, while others were thankful that they were introduced to this addicting game. 

Whatever may be true in your case, we appreciate every last thought. In fact, its those opinions that have motivated us to have more promotions like this in the very near future, so look out for those!

In the meantime, though, I know you all came here expecting results, and results are what you'll be getting! It's my pleasure to reveal to you all, the final standings of the competition. 

(See the main contest page for the breakdown of how your winnings are calculated.)

16th Place: Kellam
1,526 Points
Winnings: 500

15th Place: Froguinx
2,116 Points
Winnings: 500

14th Place: Sylverstone
2,120 Points
Winnings: 500

13th Place: Charlie
2,129 Points
Winnings: 500

12th Place: Christian
2,212 Points
Winnings: 500 + Steam

11th Place: WesFX
2,281 Points
Winnings: 500 + Steam

10th Place: Refael
2,333 Points
Winnings: 500

9th Place: LMS11111
2,568 Points
Winnings: 1,000 + Steam

8th Place: Cronogenesis
2,786 Points
Winnings: 1,000 + Steam

7th Place: Skatemachine
3,000 Points
Winnings: 500

6th Place: KaiserGX
3,641 Points
Winnings: 500
5th Place: Cesque
4,508 Points
Winnings: 1,000 

4th Place: artFR
4,589 Points
Winnings: 1,500 + Steam

3rd Place: itachi_sama78
4,811 Points
Winnings: 1,000

2nd Place: FrazerJC
5,730 Points
Winnings: 1,000

1st Place: LunFR
6,373 Points
Winnings: 1,500