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Sequel Wishlist - DSi

Last month, Nintendo announced their new portable system: the DSi. It boasted bigger screens that the lite, alongside an overall reduced size and weight, and now even includes a shop channel style feature for downloading new games on. There's also an AAC music player, 0.3MP digital camera on the inside and outside, photo editing software, Mii style avatars and an SD card slot. Below, you can find out what else we want from this new wonder.

5 - Wii-DS Connectivity... to the MAX

    We know that the DS can already connect up to the Wii (eg. for downloading demo's on the Nintendo Channel), but with a Wii firmware update, we want even more. For example, you could contact Wii friends, or share Mii's, before checking out your Wii messages on the handheld. If Nintendo don't improve the online compatability from the DS lite's system, we'd also like the chance to use our Wii's as a wireless port, allowing us to go online via our Wii connection - a perfect solution for gamers who only have wired connections as well. UPDATE: the DSi will be compatible with image transferring from the Wii Photo Channel - possibly meaning that you'll then be able to transfer images from your Wii Message Board to the photo channel to the DSi to the SD card to the computer to the internet to the world. Cool, huh?

4 - Rumble Functions

    When they announced that the Game Boy Adance slot would be removed from this iteration of the popular handheld, I nearly wept. Not because I couldn't play through my treasured Super Mario Advance 2 anymore, but because it meant that developers would have less chance to be creative. For example, Guitar Hero On Tour's grip controller slotted straight into the GBA slot on the current DS, but where will it go now? In Japan, Arkanoid DS had it's own twirly paddle controller, and that will be of no use either. To top it all off though, there won't even be a way to experience the vibrations from my rumble pak every time I hit a note in Elite Beat Agents, or every time I get shot in Starfox Command. With the GBA slot gone, we need some way to allow these highly creative accessories to live on through the future.

3 - Better home screen

    On the current DS and DS lite, you'd always see the same screen every time you switched on your DS. On the top screen, you could see your name, the time and the date. On the bottom screen, you could access Pictochat, Download Play, the settings menus or your games. On the new DS, we want something that looks a little more vibrant - maybe using backgrounds from the picture software. As well as this, we wouldn't mind getting the chance to view the weather or latest updates like with WiiConnect24. What we'd like most though, is a proper battery life detector. On the current DS, you can only see whether or not your power is low. On the new DS, we'd like to see exactly how low it is, like you do on a mobile telephone. That way, we'll never take the DS out only to find after five minutes that we get the red light of doom. UPDATE: Easy to browse Wii channel-style screenshots have entered the building!

2 - Everyday Software

    Nintendo have already stated that they want to give everyone a reason to switch on their DSi every day. If they really want this, we want some basic software included in the package. A calculator or stop watch perhaps, and even a feature that allows you to jot down notes for use later (like Pictochat with a save function). What would also be good though, would be a feature that allows you to message another DSi, anywhere, anytime. You might be out for a walk, and all of a sudden a Wi-fi hotspot is detected and your DS fires up and searches for the latest messages, say, every hour. Or you could program the system to check for new messages on the hour every hour, conserving energy. UPDATE: A notepad (with animation creator) confirmed. Yays. Still need a calcumalator? Try Google's calculator in the meantime.

1 - Better Online

    In the DSi, we want a much better online system. There are so many DS users out there at the moment who have a wireless router nearby, but can't use their DS with it because of the limited security options provided. We'd also like a further wireless range, which activates the further you are away from the router, and the choice to update and modify all of your wireless settings from the settings menu, rather than in games.

    On the Wii Shop Channel, you are able to download brand new WiiWare games, classic games from the 80's and 90's on the Virtual Console and extra channels (software) for your Wii. If we got all of these options on the DSi, we'd be chuffed to bits. And since there's no Game Boy slot anymore, Nintendo - why don't you start with some GB classics? Super Mario Land and Kuru Kuru Kururin won't go amiss amongst the new games, and we'd also quite like the option to gain new dowloadable content or game updates and patches, depending on the developer's needs for certain games. UPDATE: The DSi scans for nearby compatible wireless routers when on standby, ensuring that you still get important messages whilst on the move!

So there you have it: our list of what we want to see on Nintendo's new handheld: the DSi. If you're reading this, Ninty: hows about some motion sensing in your next portable?

Billy White