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Sequel Wishlist - Red Steel 2

Red Steel was a disappointment to many. There were many design and gameplay faults, and the single player mode felt like a game ported from the last generation but with motion controls. The developers blamed all this on time limitations and the need to get the game out on launch day, but with a sequel on its way all of the original faults can be sorted out and perfected to - well - perfection.
    Listed below you can find out the top five things we want to see from in "Red Steel 2", and why we think our ideas need to be taken into account.

5 - Simpler controls

    Once you got used to them, Red Steel's controls seemed fine, despite the odd misunderstanding when sword fighting. In the new game, we want simpler controls which will make it easy for people new to the series be able to pick up and play the game well from the off. As well as this, we want the ability to map different controls to buttons of our choice, whilst still keeping the ol' remote and nunchuck combination. As well as this, we want the ability to play a minute-log tutorial video to get newer players used to the controls, rather than showing the several features in a quick diagram over the multiplayer loading screen.

4 - Better voice acting

    In the multiplayer game, the voice acting was horrendous. With repeated obscenities being heard on what seemed to be a continuous cycle, the swearing tired quickly. As well as that, the voice acting all sounded American, despite the game being set in Japan. With the clear Japanese style music, it seems odd for "you b*****d" to be constantly repeated in a voice clearly from the US of A.

3 - Better controls

    Simpler controls are one thing, but having better controls is something else. For the sword fighting, we want WiiMotionPlus to be fully utilized and give us 1:1 control, rather than just selected moves. Also, we'd like to use grenades and open doors without having to flick the Nunchuck, especially since it can give you wrist pains after long sessions and since it doesn't always work first time. We'd also like a simpler design for the main menu, which previously involved dragging japanese images to a billboard and then discoverng what you'd chosen. ENGLISH icons which work with the press of "A" would work just fine you know, Ubisoft.

2 - Better graphics

    Some people quite liked the graphics in the original Red Steel, but we still think they could have been made for the GameCube. The areas you played in were always bland and textureless, and the only thing that left us in awe was when you set the car on fire. The text was also too small to read easily, and as we said above, the main menu was a nightmare to navigate. Sure, the graphics could have been a lot worse, but when you're playing a multiplayer game and you can see your opponent sticking halfway through an oncoming wall, it spoils the fun of it all.

1 - Improved battle mode

    The only thing that kept me from trading in Red Steel (aside from the low asking price due to shelves full of the same game) was the multiplayer mode. Is was easily the most enjoyable thing from the experience, but could also be improved a lot more. Basically, you're usual objective was to kill the other people to earn points, with the first person to reach a specific amount of points or the person with the most points after the time was up being the winner. The problems? All four stages were readily available from the moment you first played on the disc, leaving no incentive to play the single player mode or reach specific objectives. As well as that, the split screen gameplay was often hard to control with two players (with the screen being vertical or horizonal). Plus, there was no option to include CPU, meaning you could only play against friends.

    Finally, the one thing that would make this perfect would be online multiplayer. Up to 16 players, playing either co-operatively or versus across a minimum of ten stages, with extra characters and levels unlockable later on. WiiSpeak voice chat between teams would be a must as well, with multiplayer sword battles making their debut as well. In fact, it would probably be best if the whole game revolved around the battle mode, ditching the single player story altogether. Now that would be a wise move, Ubisoft.


    So there you have it, our top five things we want to see in Red Steel 2 (expected next year). If anyone from Ubisoft is reading this, remember: we want simpler and better controls, better graphics and voice acting and an online and local multiplayer that'll blow your socks off. That is all.