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Sequel Wishlist - Sonic and the Black Knight

Alongside Sonic Unleashed on its way this Christmas, there is also another Sonic game set for 2009. Sonic and the Black Knight is a sequel to Sonic's Wii debut, Sonic and the Secret Rings, but this time instead of being set in arabian times, it is now set in the medieval times with the fabled sword in the stone. So what do we want to see appear in this upcoming game? Well, you can find out below.

5 - Actual Cutscenes

As part of the Secret Rings, instead of the normal cutscenes you would find in a game you were greeted with a still image and voice acting over the top that changed from time to time. This was a unique and interesting way to tell the tales, but it would be good to see some of the story in a bit more detail and with a further layer of depth.

4 - More Levels

The levels in Secret Rings were all different, but there were so little of them you just end up playing the same level over and over just with a different mission objective each time (like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy's worlds, but with a lot less of them, and a lot more missions). To improve on this, the missions need to be deeper than the simple 'collect 50 rings' or 'beat the level in under 3 minutes' tasks. A bit more variety wouldn't hurt.The levels also need to vary a lot more and not just be the same one over and over, because it gets pretty tiring seeing the same scenery all the time.

3 - Better Level Design

The level design in Secret Rings was awful, I mean, this is Sonic we're talking about. He needs speed, not jumping into flying jars and hovering on magic carpets. He needs more freedom and not just being on the same path dragging him along all the time. If we had a bit more freedom and a bit more "classic" Sonic elements in the levels, they would play a lot better.


2 - Better multiplayer

The minigames in Secret Rings were not the main feature on the game, but there was definitely obvious room for improvment. Sometimes the instructions weren't very clear and left you not having a clue what to do (although many of them were the same anyway). Plus, many of the mini games left you to take turns with the other players, with only a handful of games actually involving some fun simulatneous play. There were unlockable characters, but they were very hard to get in your roster. If you could get a character at the end of every world, that would be a welcome unlockable. Plus, we want characters from all over the Sonic universe, not just the horrifically Amy and Knuckles tagging along. In addition to this, we also want some better modes. The treasure chest and map mini games weren't too bad, but they just dragged on for too long sometimes. Also, a bit of Wi-Fi stage racing wouldn't hurt now, would it SEGA?

1 - Motion controls

With Wii Motion Plus on its way and Sonic having a new sword, a bit of motion control wouldn't be too bad. Using the remote on its side didn't work completely accurately in the first Wii game, so with the remote and motion plus the improvment could change the whole game for the better. Combat could also be improved by including some simplistic one-on-one sword fights as well. I know this isn't very 'Sonic-y' but if they are giving him a sword, they might as well make use of it. We don't want them to take it too far, though, so lets keep the motion controls at that.

    And there have it: the top 5 things we want to see in Sonic and the Black Knight. Why not send us what you want to see here?
Joe Currie

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