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The WLI's - New Year Honours

Welcome to the brand new Wiiloveit feature - the WLI's! These are awards that we give out for outstanding achievement in gaming. To celebrate the start of 2009, we are launching the WLI's by "handing out" ten awards, as listed below.

Shigeru Miyamoto

Outstanding contribution to gaming
If it wasn't for good ol' Shigsy, we probably wouldn't be enjoying games as we are today. This man not only created Mario, but also influenced many other unique games and is one of the greatest masterminds that the gaming industry has ever seen.

Satoru Iwata

Outstanding contribution to Nintendo
Once Iwata became the president of Nintendo, he helped the GameCube on for a bit, which was clearly not a success in the industry. If it wasn't for Iwata though, the chances are that the Wii and DS wouldn't have been given the go-ahead (who honestly thought they'd sell this well), and we thank him eternally for this.

Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel

Outstanding feat in games development
World of Goo was in production for a fairly long time, and when it was being created by two main guys (AKA 2D Boy) who were slowly running out of cash, it was a huge surprise when it ended up becoming one of the best Wii games of the year. Especially since it was "only" a WiiWare game.

Bernd Gleiblinger and the rest of the Bplus team

Outstanding perseverance in games development
After 18 months development, PLATTCHEN twist 'n' paint sold hardly any copies - despite loads of hard work that went into it. Despite this, Bplus went on to create a platforming follow up, Niki Rock 'n' Ball, and are highly proud of their two quality games.

Masahiro Sakurai WLI

Outstanding achievement in games development
Over at Sora, Super Smash Bros Brawl was the most epic and amazing game they had ever created. There was loads to do and all of it was done really well. Congratulations go to Masahiro Sakurai for creating the biggest Wii game yet. Not only this, but he also worked on the previous game sin the series as well as many of the Kirby games and Meteos on the DS.

Those are the first five WLI winners ever, so a big congratulations go to all of them. If you think we've missed someone, then don't worry - there will be more awards given out every month, and they aren't listed in any particular order.

To complete the top ten, here are five of the best Wii games that deserve some awards of their own.

Guitar Hero World Tour

Best music game ever
This has to be the best music game ever - drums, guitar, microphone, song creation, character creation, online band play and co-op and a huge track list not only make it the best music game, but the ULTIMATE music game.

Super Mario Galaxy

Best game ever
This is arguably the best game ever - the gameplay and controls are faultless, the graphics and soundtrack are mind blowing and the innovation is endless. Mario is the king of gaming.

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Best fighting game ever
Loads of characters, loads of levels, loads of modes, loads of unlockables, loads of fun! This is the biggest game currently available on Wii, and is also one of the best multiplayer experiences as well.

Mario Kart Wii

Best Wii online multiplayer
The online fun doesn't cease in this kart fest on Wii, with more characters than ever before, and every stage being available for online play. Add in the leader boards, the tournaments and the usual array of fun, and you'll soon see that this is brilliant.

World of Goo

Best WiiWare download
The simple gameplay could continue for hours on end and still be as playable from the minute you begin. The physics are spot on, and although there could have been a few multiplayer additions, the standard mode is good enough to warrant an award by itself.

We'll be giving out five more Wii games WLI's next month, alongside another influential person or company. Any suggestions? Let us know here.