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Top 5 non-existent Smash Bros Brawl characters

    Everyone had some characters they wanted to appear in Super Smash Bros Brawl. After the announcement of Solid Snake, people believed that anything would be possible. After this, many wanted Sonic. They got Sonic. Many wanted many others - but which characters really should have been in the final game? Masahiro Sakurai said that he had to drop many a character, but has not revealed which ones. Here are five of the ones that we think should have got a chance to steal the limelight in Brawl.


5 - The Mysterious Cat

    In Animal Crossing, a Mysterious Cat will appear asking you to draw it a face. Connect to wi-fi connection and somebody else will recieve that particular face for their cat, and you will retrieve someone elses design aswell. With the new Wii game coming soon, crossing the servers over for face-changing madness would be brilliant - even if the feline only appeared as a background character in the Animal Crossing stage.

4 - Pheonix Wright

    Star of the popular Ace Attorney games, Pheonix Wright is an ever popular character in the world of cult Nintendo gaming. With the often quoted "objection" and his lethal pointy finger, there would be no case too hard for this pointy-haired king of cool to sort out.

3 - Master Hand

    Alongside the uber-evil final boss (we won't spoil it for those that haven't finished the subspace emissary), Master Hand is the boss we would most love to play as, if only to see whether or not it would work. Ok, fair enough, none of the bosses in Brawl were playable, but if we could choose one to play as, it would be Master Hand. And maybe Ridley.

2 - Leon S. Kennedy

    Star of Resident Evil 4, Leon could have a similar array of weapons as Snake (thus getting around the "this character normally only uses guns" situation). He could get an assist trophy of the creepy merchant (what are ya buyin'?) as an added extra, and his final smash would have to be the almighty rocket launcher.

1 - Pac Man

    You didn't see this one coming now, did you? Think about it though, and you'll realise that this guy would be awesome. You'd be able to move or float in any direction, though travelling at old school level one NES speed, and when you eat a power up, whatever happens, you would always react as if the Man had eaten a super Pac-dot. And think of the stage that would come accompanied. WANT.
And the ones that didn't quite make it to the '5

Chibi Robo; Trauma Center's Derek Stiles (needles + Brawl = not good for the ratings board); Mii's (for snapshot taking rofl's); Bomberman (4 bombermen + four players = usual BM multiplayer fun - or something similar); Elite Beat Agents