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TV Show King Quiz

Welcome to our new TV Show King Quiz feature, where you can find some of the funniest questions from Gameloft's top quality WiiWare title. Each round below consists of seven questions (as with the WiiWare game), each of which include colour coded answers to make reading them easier for you. Each round also includes the answers (not that you'll need them) and new rounds will be updated every fortnight. So here we go, let's play TV Shooooow King!

...season two coming soon...

Select Your Game

Which month is the first month of the year?
Celebrity Special - How often is daily?
Which number is greater than 5 and less than 7?
Celebrity Special - A bowling ball is what shape?

How To Play

Like in the actual game, you will be shown a multiple choice question, which has four answers. We've colour coded the answers so you can tell them apart, and then, you can check the answers at the bottom of each page to see how you did. Here's an example question.
Question one
How many straight sides does a circle have?
3 1 0 2

About TV Show King Quiz 

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Read our review of TV Show King, one of the best multiplayer games on WiiWare.
This feature uses actual questions and answers from the Gameloft Wii game TV Show King.
Most questions include an image of the original alongside them. These images are taken using an ordinary digital camera, and are not actual screenshots. All images are available in a higher resolution by clicking on the thumbnail. This feature has not been approved of by Gameloft.