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Wii on WiiWare

There are some Wii games out there that we are all unsure whether or not to buy - even after the reviews - so wouldn't it be great if we could give games a go on WiiWare first? We know that Nintendo isn't too fond of the demo idea, so if a developer chose to release a portion of their game for WiiWare, what would be a good option? This feature is looking at some of the best examples, and exactly how they would work on WiiWare.

Below, we've got seven games we think would work well in this situation, along with descriptions why.

7 - Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz

    We loved the "Monkey Wars" mini game in this ape game, and it would be great if it could be made more widely noticed by putting it up on WiiWare. The game was a Metroid Prime style battle mode variant, with space ships, pineapple grenades and an epic four player mode. If not, there's still plenty of other half decent games in the collection.
    Our recommended price: 900 Wii Points

6 - Geometry Wars Galaxies

    If there was the option to play the original version of Geometry Wars (Retro Evolved) then that would be a great way to introduce people to the game and the control scheme, and it would be even better if they included some of the multiplayer features (although they may wish to leave high score tables out as an incentive for the full version).
    Our recommended price: 1000 Wii Points

5 - Wii Music Drums

    We understand that the drums are one of the most coveted instruments in Wii Music, so if they were released as a standalone WiiWare trial, it would probably get more people interested in the game, which didn't do quite as well as Nintendo hoped last year. The drums could come with a freestyle mode and a small selection of songs, with extra downloadable songs being a must have as well.
    Our recommended price: 700 Wii Points (game); 100 Wii Points (per song via Pay & Play)

4 - Super Swing Golf

    Fun! Fun! Minigolf has done pretty well for itself on WiiWare, so if a couple of courses from this golf game were released, not only would it get more notice for the game (which we can't say has done well for itself... at least not here, anyway), but it would also get quite a lot of downloads.
    Our recommended price: 800-1000 Wii Points

3 - Mario Party

    Now that the MP8 frenzy has died down, it would no doubt be a good time to release, say, ten of the mini games in a small package on WiiWare. No need for a game board, just the option to get top scores in each of the games with up to three other friends. If Nintendo felt it appropriate (we doubt they would, though), they could release extra games via Pay & Play.
    Our recommended price: 1000 Wii Points (game); 300 Wii Points (two mini games via Pay & Play)

2 - Wii Play

    Despite the sales and free Wii remote, there are still lots of people without Wii Play on their shelf. If Nintendo released a free Wii Play channel with downloadable mini games at a small fee, we can see it as being a great way for gamers to try out the ones that they want. Or, if Nintendo prefers, they could always rip off the gamer and charge 500 Wii Points per game.
    Our recommended price: Free channel; 200/300 Wii Points per mini game or 500 Wii Points for two

1 - Sam & Max Season One

    Telltale games had some good success with the generally unknown Strong Bad series when they premiered it on WiiWare, though the sales started to fall rapidly with each new episode. Most point and click fans will know Sam & Max, though, and so if this series was to make its way onto WiiWare with monthly installments, then that would be great. Plus: Telltale aren't likely to lose any money for this one, since it's already been released for the Wii in the form of a full season disc. Please, TTG?
    Our recommended price: 1000 Wii Points (per episode)