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Wiiloveit Exclusive: First Details of Upcoming WiiWare Platformer

I'm pleased to inform our readers of exclusive details surrounding a secret, upcoming WiiWare release! I've been given the privilege of learning about this title ahead of time before other gaming sites. Allow me to whet your appetites with a few rough details.

The game is an inspired platformer that's rooted in origins of a historical and geographical nature. Players take control of the main character (a hunter of sorts) as he goes on a personal expedition. During his travels he has a log book in which he keeps track of all of his adventures, and whatever progress he makes towards his quest.

Doesn't that sky look pretty? The concept artwork will be revealed in full in the near future.

The developer has promised that areas will be "really big" in scope, full of enemies, mazes and more. In addition, the money you find along your quest can be used to purchase new equipment that will help you on your journey. Without certain upgrades, some areas in the game will be inaccessible to the player because of the danger they pose.

With 3 different skill levels, and at least 8 hours of gameplay, the game sounds very promising to say the least. I must say that so far, the visuals are pretty impressive, and the game looks great in action. The developers are really excited about this project and when you consider the work they've already done, it's of no surprise that they feel this way! 

Details on the project's direct inspirations, and other relevant info (including concept art) will be explained in a future article to come soon. For now, feel free to begin speculating. Just remember: You heard it here first, folks! 

12th February 2010, By KnucklesSonic8