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WiiWare on Wii - PLÄTTCHEN twist 'n' paint

Imagine if your favourite WiiWare game got the chance to become a retail title so that everyone can enjoy it. Wouldn't that be splendid? Hey, they could even add in a few new features to sweeten the deal and even attract existing fans of the original. This new series, WiiWare on Wii, is looking at some of those prime examples, and how exactly they would work on a disc.

To kick off this new series, we're going to start with a special edition, based entirely around Bplus' PLÄTTCHEN twist 'n' paint. Below, you can see five things we'd want in a retail edition, and why...

Remember, this feature isn't to point out all the bad bits of the game, just new features we'd add in if we could re-release the game. NO NEW GAME HAS BEEN CONFIRMED - this is just our dream.

PLÄTTCHEN twist 'n' paint
WiiWare | Bplus | 1-8 Players (Up to four players on Wii remotes, with additional people playing using connected Nunchucks)
Out Now | 1500 Wii Points (£10.50 Online) / 1000 Wii Points $10.00 Online)
Controller compatibility: Wii remote; Wii remote & Nunchuck; Nunchuck (2-8 player co-op); Wii Zapper

5 - Level editor
    We're not really too ecstatic over the possibility of a level editor, but it would be a great touch. Designing your own spectrum of PLÄTTCHEN for new classic and party levels (whilst choosing a theme from those available) or even personalized copycat and mission stages would be a great touch, especially if it were possible to send them to friends. It's not a must, but it wouldn't go amiss, either.

4 - High score tables
    There was an omission of wi-fi play in PLÄTTCHEN since Nintendo told the guys at Bplus that it could take a year to implement. Whilst we can't say that online multiplayer would be too amazing anyway (this is certainly a game that will be best played locally - although helping people via online co-op would work well), the least that the guys could do in a remake would be to add in a high scores table, to see where you compare to the rest of the world, and to get updated versions of the Bplus and GameClub team's scores.

3 - Better controls
    The controls in PLÄTTCHEN were generally fine, but some people may have had difficulty with the twisting, so it would be a nice addition if Bplus allowed you to change colours via the D-Pad or Nunchuck's analog stick, or at least make the option available to see how sensitive the controls are when not mid-game. It would also be great to have the Wii Zapper controls (eg, the pump shot) available on the standard controls as well, rather than excluding those without the peripheral or those that don't like the control scheme.

2 - More detailed tutorials
    There was a tutorial section for PLÄTTCHEN, but it lacked too much detail (although the videos really helped), and left users to work out a lot of the game for themselves. If it were possible to get hints on each of the different worlds and more tips for the gameplay, then that would be excellent.

1 - Easier difficulty
    If the current version of PLÄTTCHEN was in an "advanced" mode, then that would be great, alongside new "beginner" and "normal" difficulties. The toned down difficulties could include less enemies, a few extra helpful PLÄTTCHEN, more lenient high score tables, more - or even the removal of - lives, and longer time limit in mission and copycat levels. This would make PLÄTTCHEN a helluva lot better, since the main problem with the WiiWare version was the difficulty and complicated nature.
    We would also be happy to see shorter levels, lasting for two or three stages rather than the set four, and you could even be given the opportunity to set handicaps in multiplayer for a fairer experience (eg, the ability to turn FantasyMe's off for one player, whilst leaving another in the "out of control" mode so they are unable to spin their colour wheel.

    If PLÄTTCHEN was released as a disc game, it would be excellent if they could really speak to everyone, not make it sound to complex on the box (because it's a lot easier than it sounds) and priced little higher than the standard budget price (£20; $30), since a full priced Wii puzzler might not go down too well. We'd love to see the kinks ironed out so that the game could have a second chance, especially since 1500 points seems like a lot to many micro-transaction-hunters. Even if a new version of the game only brings improved difficulty settings, then it would be well worth a second purchase and could even end up as the best puzzler on the Wii.

    Since this game is currently restricted to our own thoughts and isn't actually on it's way to Wii, why not read our review of the WiiWare version PLÄTTCHEN, where we gave it a very good score of 25/30, and think about giving it a try yourself?
Billy White