2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (Wii) - First Impressions

posted 19 May 2010, 15:54 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 20 May 2010, 07:23 ]
Wii | Sports | EA | 1 Player / 2 Players (online versus) / 2-4 Players (local multiplayer) | Out Now

The latest football/soccer game for the Wii just in time for the upcoming World Cup! EA has taken an arcade approach with this title, and rather than centering on realism, they've decided to focus more on fun gameplay using motion controls. 

    You can use the Wii Remote on its own for casual play, the Wii Remote/Nunchuk combo for more advanced players, or the Classic Controller for button-focused gameplay. Thus far, I've only dabbled with the dual-controller scheme but I intend to give all of them a go in time. With this in mind, A is used to pass and B is to lob. If you hold those two buttons, you can apply a more powerful kick or extend your shot's reach. Pressing the +Control Pad will perform various tricks when you have the ball in your possession. The analog stick on the Nunchuk is used to control movement, while the Z Button is used to increase the speed of your runner. When you feel you have an opening, you shake the Wii Remote to shoot the ball towards the goalie. Shaking the Wii Remote also allows you to tackle opponents when you're on defense. More or less, this is an overview of the basic controls in the game.

    There are a few moments in the game that almost feel like the Megastrike moves from Mario Strikers Charged. For example, if a player decides to deliver a cross move during a corner kick, the game will go in slow motion and you'll need to press A when the ball lights up, before your rival does. During penalty kicks, the game will, again, go into slow motion and depending on the quality of the kick, the goalie will only have a short time to respond. If you press A at the right moment, you'll save the ball! 

    The game has a really nice setup to it and I think it looks great! There are 5 different modes in the game: you can complete a variety of challenges under Zakumi's Dream Team, enter the main fray under the 2010 Fifa World Cup option, setup an exhibition match in Hit the Pitch, battle friends tourney-style in the Global Elimination mode, or take on the world in the game's Online mode. Thus far, the game's a lot of fun and the ability to play online in this game is a big plus. Being able to rack up stats that amount to your country's overall score is a great feeling, and it keeps in check with the World Cup appeal of this release. Stay tuned for a review, coming soon to Wiiloveit!