Car Jack Streets - First Impressions

posted 25 Apr 2010, 11:17 by Murat @Wiiloveit   [ updated 25 Apr 2010, 20:33 by Knuckles Sonic8 ]
DSiWare | Action | Tag Games | 1 Player | 800 Nintendo Points

As stated in my most recent blog post, I was thinking of preparing first impressions articles of certain titles. However, I thought these would be better and more useful if they were part of this section of the site, instead. Obviously we can't review every single game out there here at Wiiloveit, so we're hoping these impressions are somewhat of a small glimpse into selected titles. For my premiere First Impressions article, I've chosen Car Jack Streets for the Nintendo DSi, initially released on mobile phones and the iPhone. Developed by Tag Games, the game plays out like the old-school Grand Theft Auto games released back in 1997 in top-down style. Something to be happy about? Of course it is!
Frankie's calling in a million dollars of your gambling debt and you'd better pay otherwise you're a dead man! By completing both legit and illegal side missions, you'll have to pay off your debt in $50,000 deposits until you've payed back the $1,000,000 you owe Frankie. The game also ensures you keep to deadlines as you'll find out if you miss one.

One thing I absolutely love about Car Jack Streets is the number of jobs you can do and the variety in each one. You'll have to deliver X number of pizzas, pick up Y number of passengers with a bus, serve as a taxi driver, complete Z number of laps around the circuit and tons more. By the way, these are the legit missions. The illegal missions are more "dangerous" as it involves destroying buildings, chasing down targets, delivering special cargo on trucks, bringing scratch-less vehicles to the garage and tons more. The additional side modes involve going on a kill rampage.

The controls work well for the most part. I had major complaints during my first playthrough since the vehicles would turn rapidly and skid out of control. But once you drive around the neighbourhood a few times, you'll get used to it. The only complaints I have now is with the shooting controls. Despite the lock on, controls could become messy in no time.
Visually, don't expect a phenominal degree of visual beauty from Car Jack Streets. What you see in the screens below is the full package. This captures the old-school GTA gameplay beautifully and I was ever so pleased about this. The game also features a very clever main menu. The main menu displays the outstanding amount you owe Frankie, the time (real time) as well as your next deposit deadline. All-in-all, you can keep track of everything.

The game uses both screens really well as the top is to drive, run around and whatnot; while the bottom is used as a GPS system for finding your way around the city, pausing the game and checking objectives - Night time (middle right) is also a nice addition.
Sad to say, the soundtrack of Car Jack Streets is a bit of a mixed bag. While it boasts some amazing songs, it also boast some annoying ones. Since these all repeat and there's only about 6-8 tracks, it could end up getting annoying and you may want to put the game on mute. Still a nice effort nonetheless.
The game features over 20 vehicles with 5 weapons throughout the city. Not to mention, there are power-ups and 50 hidden packages scattered around every dark corner and in the places you'd least expect to find one. The power-ups range from more ammunition, extra health, recruit gang members or disguise yourself to lose the police heat (which to me didn't seem as though it was working... AT ALL). The game also features a small board which seems to serve as an achievement system as you work your way up from a "punk" to a "pro".
And that's about it. I hope you've enjoyed this quick look at the game. Below is a trailer if you want more media on the game. If not, you can hit up the Tag Games page for Car Jack Streets and find out some extra details for yourself.
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