Face Raiders - First Impressions

posted 20 Mar 2011, 08:42 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 20 Mar 2011, 08:56 ]
In playing Face Raiders for the first time at the 3DS Demo Station, I didn't exactly get the "fullest experience". I started in the middle of someone else's game, so there was already a face set up and everything. But at least I managed to sneak in some time with this built-in application. 

In a nutshell, Face Raiders uses AR technology to create a simulation of floating enemies in the real world that you need to defeat. The app will have you turning your 3DS around you to locate and exterminate monsters by pressing the A Button. Icons appear off to the sides of the screen to indicate to you where these human-like creatures are hiding. There are also mines floating in the air that you need to avoid hitting. As well, there's an enemy leader who tries to hover behind some of its subjects to dodge your attacks. You'll need to observe his tendencies, daze him with one of your shots and hit the red gem on his helmet to defeat him and clear the round. 

I quickly got a glimpse of the Main Menu too. In addition to the three different levels, there's also a 'Face Collection' that keeps track of all the juxtaposed images you've used, and a 'Show Friend' feature that I didn't look into further. My time with Face Raiders was quite brief but it turned out to be as I expected -- decent fun but nothing worth getting excited about. It uses AR in a somewhat clever way if only because it takes a similar approach that Nintendo did with Photo Dojo on DSiWare. I wasn't particularly fond of it and I can't see myself playing it that much, but we'll see if that changes when I get the 3DS for myself.

This concludes my 6-Part series of 3DS software impressions! Stay tuned to Wiiloveit.com for more coverage on the 3DS in the coming weeks.