Furry Legends - First Impressions

posted 21 Jul 2010, 20:15 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 22 Jul 2010, 05:13 ]
Furland is in trouble! With Lord Squarie's forces raining on everyone's parade, who will put a stop this reign of terror? A small group of Furballs, that's who! You roll your cute ball-like character around using your Nunchuk, as you cross a slew of platforming challenges. The first few levels I've played have been pretty enjoyable. Controls are easy enough to understand. Your main attack is a forward thrust which is executed by holding Z to lock on, followed by a shake of the controller as you aim the control Stick in the direction of the target. It only takes few minutes to get used to before you'll be all set. 

By collecting special fruit, you can add energy to the blue bar which represents your special FurPower. Your little green friend's power sends him forward with a quick burst of speed. As you progress to later levels, you'll unlock new Furballs to use, each with their own special abilities. Each level has a bunch of crystals that you can collect, as well as hearts that will increase the number of hits you can sustain before you lose a life. Stone checkpoints are seen frequently, serving as a progress point for when you run out of health. 

There are a few puzzles from what I've seen but the emphasis here is on the platforming aspect. To that end, you'll see bouncy mushrooms which allow you to get to otherwise-inaccessible heights, along with platforms that swing or rotate constantly. Gameplay hasn't really shown off the "Wow factor" as of yet, but hopefully some surprises are in store before I reach the end of the game. The visuals are nice to look at and while they haven't impressed me either, they're still more ambitious than the presentation seen in some of the other WiiWare titles currently available. So far, so good! 
Stay tuned for a full review, coming soon! In the meantime, check out WiiloveitTV for some footage of the game.