HoopWorld - First Impressions

posted 20 Jul 2010, 09:20 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 21 Jul 2010, 20:25 ]
HoopWorld is shaping up to be a great game so far! It's an arcade basketball game with a more offensive twist, thanks to a powerful set of moves and a selection of influential items. You can choose from a variety of teams and stadiums. Each set of characters have their own reasons for trying to learn more about this mysterious site, but all are equally ferocious. 

Controls are well-tailored to both rookies and experienced players. Basic moves involve moving using the Nunchuk's Control Stick, shaking the Wii Remote to pass (or attack when on defense), raising both controllers to shoot, and pressing the A Button to use power-ups. There are additional things to keep in mind, and the more time you spend with the game, you'll learn of new techniques to show off your skills. 

The items available in the game offer a lot of room for strategy and planning. You can add one to your inventory simply by running over one of the boxes that randomly appear on the court during gameplay. Each of them have their own coloured icons to help you distinguish between them. For example, the Basket Shield will put up a magical barrier that will prevent the other team from scoring for a short while, and the Shadow Ball will remove 5 points from your rival's score when a successful shot is made.

In addition to three gameplay modes, there's also online leaderboards for North American participants, and even downloadable content. I have yet to determine what DLC will be provided by this service, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what Virtual Toys offers. I just hope we won't have to wait so long like with the promised Puzzle Pack for Spaceball: Revolution. I can't wait to see what other hidden surprises this game has to offer. You can count on a review of HoopWorld to appear here on Wiiloveit.com soon. See below for some footage, courtesy of our YouTube channel.