Hubert the Teddy Bear: Winter Games - First Impressions

posted 9 Feb 2010, 15:37 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 9 Feb 2010, 18:36 ]
WiiWare | Sports | Teyon | 1-16 Players | 500 Nintendo Points

Hubert the Teddy Bear: Winter Games is a family-friendly sports-focused title that marks Teyon's debut as a WiiWare developer. Having already developed Robot Rescue and Ball Fighter on DSiWare, I was hopeful to see how this first WiiWare title would turn out. 

Players can create and personalize their very own animated bear character. There's a decent amount of selectable faces, gear and accessories that one can choose from. Nothing deep, obviously, but it's still a good addition nonetheless. All of the events allow for multiplayer play, whether it be simultaneous or alternating. You can play by yourself, with a friend, or in a "Party" setting where up to 16 players take turns and compare their scores with one another. 
There are 8 different activities in all, some of which aren't exactly "sports" per se but they still fit with the nature of the game. All of the activities in the game are as follows:
  • Snow Fight
  • Sledge Race
  • Catch a bunny
  • Snowballs
  • Fishing
  • Play on icicles
  • Make a snowman
  • Christmas Tree
Out of them all, Snow Fight is probably the strongest of the bunch. There are one or two weak ones as well, such as Fishing.
Most of these work well for those of a younger age group and needless to say, multiplayer should be the main focus in mind when one thinks about giving this a shot. How do the games control? 

Although most games can be played with only the Wii Remote, some do require the use of the Nunchuk. 
For the most part, controls aren't too complicated for the average player to comprehend. Just using Snow Fight as an example, 
you use your cursor to aim at on-screen bunnies and the A Button to lock it. To throw a snowball, you hold Z Button and swing your Nunchuk. Beyond the mischievous animals in the foreground, there are bunnies in the far distance, as well as some that scurry on by in a hurry. The game is fun to play with a friend as you race to try to hit the 'targets' the fastest. Generally, I've found that s
ome of these activities could have had even simpler controls but obviously, I'll go into greater detail about this in the review.

From my experience thus far, the game isn't bad, especially from the perspective of this being a family game. You can expect more detailing on each of the activities and their controls in the final review. If you have expressed interest in this title and you're looking for a good game for your kids, I recommend that you wait for our review before proceeding. Stay tuned!