Rooms: The Main Building (Wii) - First Impressions

posted 25 Apr 2010, 07:09 by Knuckles Sonic8
Wii | Puzzle | Hudson Soft | 1-2 Players | Out Now

Rooms: The Main Building is Hudson's latest Wii project that promises to be a great mystery-puzzle hybrid. You control Mr. X., a bored man who receives a mysterious package at his doorstep that transports him to Rooms Mansion. There, he meets a talking book who serves as the steward for the entire mansion. The game doesn't waste a lot of time with introductory dialogue. After a few cutscenes, within 5 minutes you'll already be at your first puzzle, trying to figure out how to escape.

Each room contains a sliding puzzle that you must solve using the Wii Remote's point-and-click capabilities. To move from one square to the next, you simply point at an item or a spot for Mr. X to travel to and he'll carry out the actions whenever possible. To move square, you move your cursor towards the exterior and if there's space to move, then arrows will appear that can be clicked to slide it in a given direction. But don't expect to just walk wherever you want, as many levels impose multiple restrictions on you. Some squares feature their own gimmicks that lend itself to a challenging experience, such as one-sided doors, ladders that allow you to climb up or down to a different area, border frames that prevent you from moving a certain way, and so on.

When a piece is placed in its proper location, a sound effect will play and the square will emit a glitter-like effect. When all pieces are put in their right spot, it will create either a whole or a partial picture. As you play, you can highlight the "Show BG" option on the left-hand side to disregard the puzzle elements and focus only on the picture itself to give you clues on how the puzzle can be solved. Additionally, holding the Plus button will isolate only correct pieces, and remaining pieces will be represented by outlines on the screen which show you exactly where squares will go by the end of the puzzle. 

Solving puzzles isn't the only part of the game, though. Much of the game is focused on solving the mystery of this special place, going to different locations via Rooms Street. As you progress through the game, new areas will open up for you to explore and new items will be discovered. There's also 12 different achievements to aim for, a multiplayer Battle mode, a puzzle editor, and two unlockable modes. So far, Rooms: TMB has been a slightly-impressive affair and I'm confident that the game will only improve as I continue playing. Stay tuned for a review here on Wiiloveit!