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Wii | 
Gaijin Games / Aksys Games | 1-2 Players | Out Now (North America)
Controller Compatibility: Wii Remote (sideways); Wii Remote and Nunchuk; Classic Controller; Wii Zapper
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27th November 2011; By Patrick

When freshly-formed studio Gaijin Games debuted in 2009 on WiiWare with their title BIT.TRIP BEAT, it was hard to see where the series would end up. Here we are in 2011 with six titles released on WiiWare, BEAT on iOS devices, while BEAT and RUNNER are available on PC and Mac. Gaijin Games also recently released two compilations: BIT.TRIP SAGA on the 3DS and COMPLETE on the Wii. And let me tell you, COMPLETE is not a hyperbole.

    BIT.TRIP COMPLETE is, at its base, all six of the BIT.TRIP WiiWare titles on one retail disc. But in reality, it is so much more. Several bugs have been fixed, new difficulty modes have been added, 120 challenges (20 per game) were created, online leaderboards were implemented, and four types of unlockables were added. Oh, and did I mention that it's cheaper than the six individual WiiWare titles? Yeah.

    When you first open up the box, you'll notice there are two discs: the game disc, and the Soundtrack Sampler CD which comes with three songs from each of the six games for a total of 18. It's a nice bonus considering that the games have great music, and they didn't even have to do this as the soundtracks are for sale separately. What you'll focus the most on, however is the game disc, which shouldn't leave your Wii for quite some time.

When you boot up the game, you'll probably dive straight into one of the games. Save file data doesn't carry over, so you get to play all six games again. Each game has an added Easy and Hard mode, and unlike the PC version of RUNNER where you couldn't change difficulties without starting from 1-1 again, you can change the difficulties at any point between levels in the 6 games. For BEAT, CORE, VOID, FATE, and FLUX, the difficulty modes change how easy or hard it is to MODE up and down, giving you a significant advantage or disadvantage. In RUNNER, however, Easy mode will disable the Gold Bars from appearing, while Hard will kill you if you miss one.

    Just by starting each of the individual games, you will unlock that games' letter containing a message written by director Alex Neuse explaining the significance and deeper meaning behind the games. I feel it's important for fans of the series that these are the easiest to unlock, however if you have yet to play the game through to completion, you should not read them as they also explain the meaning behind specific levels. It was gratifying to know that I was almost dead-accurate about what the series was saying, but there is still room for interpretation on some of the smaller details.

All six games are the same, save a few technical differences. Offline leaderboards are blank now, and some glitches (such as the one that effectively let you skip the entire last level of FLUX and still get a PERFECT on it) are gone. But in that, for some odd reason, one glitch appeared in VOID: the continue system doesn't work, period. This is my only problem with the entire BIT.TRIP COMPLETE package. It makes no sense why that would happen, but choosing Continue is the same as restarting the level.

    The game also boasts an incredible 120 extra challenges, that separate the "Good" from the "Great", as it were. I personally breezed through the challenges from the games I'm great at, so the CORE, RUNNER, and FATE challenges were pretty quick for me. On the other hand, BEAT, VOID, and FLUX were much harder (I blame the controls for BEAT and FLUX). Completing them will unlock extras, such as Art Galleries with teasers and concept images and Audio Galleries with fan remixes of in-game music. Videos are simply the trailers for the games and cutscene suites, unlocked by beating the first and last levels of specific games respectively.

The online leaderboards just round off the whole experience, adding in one feature that was heavily requested by fans, and optionally comparing you to other players. You do not have to even post your scores, but if you do, it's not hard at all to find out how many people are better than you, and then to launch yourself back into the game to try and do better. Even better is the fact that not only is there a leaderboard for every level of every game, there is another leaderboard for that level on a specific difficulty setting too, so you don't get 2nd place just because they were on Easy and you were on Hard.

    Overall, with the exception of the one new glitch in BIT.TRIP VOID, this is very much a COMPLETE experience on the Wii. Everything is just about as perfect as it's going to get, and even at its core, you're getting six of the best games on Wii on one disc. This game is, in my opinion, worth about $55-60, but Aksys and Gaijin Games undercut the prices of the WiiWare games and are putting this entire package out for $40. This is an absolute must-buy, and without it, your game collection can never be COMPLETE.

29/30 - Excellent

Gameplay 9/10 - Almost all games fully intact, continues in VOID are broken, extra challenges are hard but fun, most of the glitches have been fixed
Presentation 10/10 - Each game features great music, beautiful 8-bit presentation remains unchanged, menus are easy to navigate
Enjoyment 5/5 - Games extraordinarily fun as it is, added new difficulty, letters give new meaning to already deep games
Extra Content 5/5 - Package overflowing with extra content, online leaderboards, 120 new challenges, new galleries, Music Sampler CD included for free

Equivalent to a score of 97% (percentage score is approximate and based solely on the previously stated rating) - Our Rating System

Review by Patrick

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