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Faceez - DSiWare App Review

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DSiWare | Neko Entertainment | 1 Player | Out Now | 200 Nintendo Points
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11th April 2010; By KnucklesSonic8

Neko Entertainment's first DSiWare title is a fun animation suite that allows you to fool around with pictures you've taken using the DSi's camera. Filled with charisma and humor, Faceez allows you to animate yourself, your friends, or even random pictures, and get them to perform comical actions. When all is said and done, Faceez will provide you with a good amount of instant amusement, and for only $2 too!

    From the Main Menu, you can choose to either take a new picture or use one of the existing animations (or Faceez) you've already created. When choosing the former option, you'll need to use the bottom screen to aim at your subject to take a clear photograph. Positioning your facial features properly is very important if you want everything to run smoothly. As such, the game provides you with an instruction guide, as well as a general outline that dictates exactly where your face should be placed for optimum results. When you're ready to take the snapshot, you can either tap the camera icon or press the L/R Button. Now the photograph you took will be placed onto a stickman-like character that you can fully interact with.

The animation area consists of three different sub-sections: 'Mix', 'Disguise' and 'Animate'. In the 'Mix' area, you can isolate certain features of your Faceez character, such as the background or the nose, and switch things up a bit using elements from other images you've imported. If you feel so inclined, you can replace your character's facial features with those of someone else related to you. If the skin colours are distinctly different, there's an option to make it unified so it doesn't look messy, or even adjust the background tones. The ability to mix and match is a nice touch but of course, if you don't take your pictures properly to begin with, then you might run into trouble. Sometimes you'll get warped or distorted images or colours, or other abnormal results. For the most part, though, it does work and you can create some pretty hilarious combinations.

    Using the 'Disguise' menu, you can accessorize your Faceez character using a wide variety of items and add-ons. You can play around with different types of hats, glasses, neckwear, and many more. Make your character look like a serious police officer, a distinguished detective, or even a cowboy. The possibilities may not be "endless" since there is a limit in the number of items available for use. But there's a lot of room for you to use your creativity and create some pretty wacky pieces.

You'll probably find yourself under the 'Animate' menu the most out of them all. There's a ton of different combinations that you can execute. Hand and leg motions will likely be your primary focus in this area. You can make your character march on the spot, float through the air, take on a boxing pose, flail his arms around like a drunken fool, and more. Here, you can also adjust facial expressions of the eyes and mouth to express a wide range of emotions. You can even equip your character with an item for him/her to hold such as a sword, dynamite, or even a giant pencil. The final two elements under this menu pertain to the external appearance of the character itself. You can adjust the stroke thickness from a thick solid line to wiggly and bouncy lines. And, finally, you have the option of applying colour to the stroke lines.

    Once you get the look of your character to your liking, you can then head to the main menu of the studio and save your creation. The application allows you to save up to 100 different Faceez animations, and 20 photos, so there's lots of room for you to express yourself and experiment with comical arrangements. From this menu, you can also apply your new creation to an image and create some fun visual pieces. Choosing the 'Background' option will bring up a thumbnail view of all of the pictures currently found under the memory banks of the DSi Photo application. You can select any one of these (or take a new picture), then toy with some basic editing tools to get your character in the right spot. Beyond choosing the right placement, you can also rotate, shrink, enlarge, or even pause the animation of your Faceez character. Once you're happy with the results, you can save your screenshot, sending it straight to your photo album.

Sharing your images with friends and family is all part of the appeal of this application, and it's something that will generate laughter in the room, especially in large groups. If you know people outside your area (such as loved ones in other parts of the world) who would love to view your funny creations, you can head into your Photo Album from the DSi Menu and upload your images to your Facebook account. You can also transfer them to an SD Card, stick it into your computer and email it off to your intended recipients. When you view the pictures outside of the application, they're actually represented in decent quality which is great to see. It would've been nice if you could save your images directly to the SD Card from the application itself (or even load pictures from here), but this seems more like an issue on Nintendo's part than it is with the developers.

    In summary, Faceez is loaded with potential for hilarity, and it's all presented in such an accessible manner. Unless you're a cynic and aren't too fond of spending time to create instances of humor, then maybe you won't find it terribly enjoyable. But really, how could you say no to Faceez? It costs next to nothing and it can serve as a great resource for creating some funny memories amongst friends and siblings. A great deal that's totally worth getting.

26/30 - Very Good

Functionality 9/10 - Lots of room for expression and creativity, hundreds of different combinations, can save a good number of animations
Presentation 8/10 - Light music, image quality is up to par, easy to follow, some weird results if pictures aren't taken correctly
Lasting Value 4/5 - Amusing to share with friends and family, something you'll use even months down the road, instant amusement
Value 5/5 - Great value for only 200 Points, great price for the memories that will result, quality DSiWare application

Equivalent to a score of 87% (percentage score is approximate and based solely on the previously stated rating)

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Review by KnucklesSonic8

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