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My Exotic Farm - DSiWare Review

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My Exotic Farm

DSiWare | BiP Media | 1 Player | Out Now | 200 Nintendo Points
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15th October 2010; By KnucklesSonic8

Without beating around the bush, My Exotic Farm is simply just a different skin of My Farm. Now the similarities may not be identical as in the case of the Nnooo's myNotebook releases. But the differences aren't significant enough to motivate you to buy a second version of what is, essentially, the same game.

    Once again, the game starts off by informing you that you've received the last part of your uncle's inheritance and a small budget to work with to keep it alive. The only difference here is that Daisy, the neighbourhood farm girl, has been swapped out for Bwerani, a nearby herdsman. Just like in the first game, your goal is to develop this small piece of land into a prosperous farm.

    All the animals in this game are slightly more interesting than what was seen in the original. Additionally, the name selection consists of various tribal-esque names, such as Namibi, and Zayi. The colour selection has remained the same, offering only two colour choices for all animals. So that limits things a bit. 

    All of the main functions from the original have been preserved, albeit with a few changes. The Farmer's Market offers a more varied selection of animals to choose from. Parrots, Zebras and Gnus are your main money makers, producing feathers and milk respectively. And Rhinos, Hippos and Lions all need to be fattened up to obtain a profit once you sell them back to the vendor.

The Shopkeeper offers a familiar catalogue of items, dealing with the up-keep of your farm. First of all, nourishment comes in the form of bird seed, veggies, and hay bales, all of which were present in the original game. You also have steaks, and medicinal packages for meat-eating animals. In terms of upgrades for your farm, a roost can be purchased to hold more Parrots, a watering hole for additional hippopotami, and a paddock for raising multiple Zebras. And of course, doing well will net you hidden add-ons for your farm.

    All other menu functions haven't changed at all. Stock still displays your overall inventory, you can still clean the area with the cleaning broom, and Wireless Communications are also available for exchanging items with either My Farm or My Exotic Farm owners. The presentation has also stayed the same. I found the main theme to be less annoying this time around, but it still suffered from repetition. Not to mention there's still a lack of additional audio tracks to fill in the gaps where there would only be sound effects of animals or insects.

    In summary, take it all as you will. My Exotic Farm is essentially the same game My Farm was, just with a different skin. If you were to get one of the two, I'd suggest getting this one simply because the jungle theme is a tad more interesting. Once again, there's an issue of whether or not you'll actually keep playing this a few days after you've purchased it, as it does become stale quickly. But it's still decent for only $2.

20/30 - Good

Gameplay 7/10 - Fairly linear just like its counterpart, varied selection of things to choose from, farm enhancements to liven up the area
Presentation 7/10 - Average effort overall, music suffers from repetition, lacks additional tracks, jungle theme
Enjoyment 3/5 - Can be fun at first if you enjoy simulation-type games, will become stale after some time
Extra Content 3/5 - Hidden unlockable upgrades for your farm, can make trades with owners of this game or My Farm, decent for only $2

Equivalent to a score of 67% (percentage score is approximate and based solely on the previously stated rating)

Review by KnucklesSonic8
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My Exotic Farm
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