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Snowboard Xtreme - DSiWare Review

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Snowboard Xtreme

DSiWare | EnjoyUp Games | 1 Player | Out Now (North America) | 200 Nintendo Points
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18th January 2013; By KnucklesSonic8

Due to the instabilities surrounding just about any sport defined by snowy conditions, one simple rule always remains true regardless of skill level: get up again when you fall down. Although such cases of fizzled spirits can leave you fuming, momentum plays a pivotal role in generating the sort of exertion that leads to mastery over a new activity. Underlining the importance of that continual process is Snowboard Xtreme, a game of very, very petty means. Issuing far too little in prompted excitement and desired determination, Snowboard Xtreme's form may not be unyieldingly bad, but it's an exercise that isn't peppered by positive mechanics and instead loiters in seeming anticipation of what doesn't ever come to fruition.

    With no sign of cords that would lend to experiencing its alleged nature, Snowboard Xtreme is extremely basic, so much so that if it were to perform on the half-pipe, it would barely skate into the next round of contenders. Engaging in a season consisting of four (Normal) or eight (Xtreme) stages, the objective is simply to weave your snowboard left and right through a perfectly-straight slalom. With your character residing on the Touch Screen, one must stay to the left or right of upcoming gates while avoiding uprooted tree trunks, large rocks, as well as boulders that roll down the path or descend from the mountaintop off to the side. Any leftover seconds of time will carry into the following stage, with the goal being to complete a season with as much time remaining as possible.

    Controls aren't an issue, thankfully, but your ability to maneuver will be tested at times, particularly when those stones stop abruptly, disobeying physics for the sake of throwing you off your game. Agitating as that sounds, Snowboard Xtreme is, in a sense, extremely narrow-minded, never occupying players with worthy hurdles to overcome or changing the dynamics of its course in such a way to engage in a less mindless manner. With the position it takes, Snowboard Xtreme isn't hard to read from afar and its idea of what constitutes a lively competition is bogus.

Presentation-wise, the game doesn't do a very good job either. I mean, with it being so ordinary in its gameplay, it wasn't a big surprise to see the visuals being that way as well. The most you have here is the onset of an against-the-grain wind effect in certain levels, but that doesn't mean the game performs poorly in this regard. Truthfully, most of it is of an average standard. It's the music that's most quarrelsome out of everything. Simply put, the tracks are awful and most of them don't even fit with the theme of the game, nor can reasoning be cited that they bring about interest and achieve in any respect for being less run-of-the-mill than the gameplay itself. Not to be overlooked, also, is that while the game runs fairly smoothly, there are significant framerate issues in one specific level.

    I really don't have much else to say, nor do I feel the game needs to be probed at length. While not offending to such a tragic extent as EnjoyUp's other recent DSiWare offerings, by remaining uneventful Snowboard Xtreme is still as unsatisfactory as those previous titles in question. Dragging players through a lousy rally that's about as agreeable as a cold draft, the game is static in almost every conceivable way, and by reason of its overly-plain formatting and motionless path, it should be completely avoided.

12/30 - Very Poor

Gameplay 5/10 - A very basic and mindless execution, controls work fine but the slalom can be tricky to navigate in the case of abrupt obstacles 
Presentation 5/10 - Ordinary in multiple respects, decent sound effects but terrible music, framerate issues, decent visuals with a few issues
Enjoyment 1/5 - Not at all energetic or aggressive for a positive effect, static and uneventful even in spite of its elements, really lacking in fun factor
Extra Content 1/5 - Two seasons with a handful of stages, accompanying high-score tables, nothing else to speak of, much better uses of your time exist

Equivalent to a score of 40% (percentage score is approximate and based solely on the previously stated rating) - Our Rating System

Review by KnucklesSonic8

Snowboard Xtreme
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