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Word Searcher Deluxe - WiiWare Review

Game Info
Word Searcher Deluxe

WiiWare | Digital Leisure | 1 Player / 2-4 Players (co-operative play) | Out Now (North America) | 500 Nintendo Points
Controller Compatibility: Wii Remote (pointer); Wii Remote (sideways)
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21st June 2011; By KnucklesSonic8

Digital Leisure is back once again with a follow-up to their 2009 WiiWare game, Word Searcher. More or less serving as a content expansion for the original release, Word Searcher Deluxe doesn't need much of an introduction. What really matters is whether or not the developers learned enough from the mistakes made in the former title to make this "revision" of sorts into something worth spending money on.

    Just like its predecessor, Word Searcher Deluxe includes a total of 100 different categories of word search puzzles. You'll find such subjects as constellations, chess, personality traits, and algebra, just to name a few. To play, simply hold the Wii Remote up to the screen and use the A Button to highlight the individual letters that will make up the words seen on the list to the right. Alternatively, you can hold the controller on its side and press the D-Pad buttons to control the cursor, but this is just a slower way to play.

    Successfully finding all the words on the list in a given category will apply a yellow highlight to it on the puzzle selection menu. You can always go back and aim for a better time, but just like in the original release, there's no reason to actually do this. Well, at least when you're on your own. Since there are so many categories to choose from, you won't have to resort to replaying old puzzles for a long time. But then again, I'd be surprised to hear of someone actually getting through them all without giving up out of boredom.

    New to this version of the game, Word Searcher Deluxe features a multiplayer mode where you work together with friends to clear puzzles. In my review of the first game, I did make the comment that multiplayer would have been a helpful feature, so I was pleased to see they did include it this time. Additional players can pop in by pressing the Plus Button on their respective controllers. Despite what screenshots may indicate, there really isn't a competitive aspect to be found here. I wouldn't go so far as to say playing co-operatively is "fun" necessarily, but I suppose much of that is up to personal taste. 

    The developers thought it would also be a good idea to include DLC for those who longed for new puzzles. At the time of writing, there are currently 19 packs available for purchase with more packs being added in the coming weeks. Each issue features 10 (presumably) new categories, priced at 100 Points per pack. I don't have any comments to make as to the value of the pricing scheme they've put in place, but I will say that it was a bad move on their part not to specify what people can expect in each pack. I really don't think most will be comfortable with the idea of a blind buy, and it almost seems deceitful for the developers to do that. 

    There's not much to say about presentation. Word Searcher Deluxe still stays true to Digital Leisure's other WiiWare releases, using a simplistic approach with no frills to make the experience more appealing. I detected four decent music tracks this time around -- a definite improvement over the original. Otherwise, there's nothing else to be said.

    Even though they've added multiplayer and DLC support, Word Searcher Deluxe isn't that big of a follow-up to the original release. Really, if the game doesn't bore you, then the presentation will. But if you're the type of person who likes the idea of doing word searches on your television or even getting your family involved in such an activity, it's not that bad. 

17/30 - Okay/Average

Gameplay 7/10 - Straight-forward just like in the original title, features the same amount of categories as before but with new topics 
Presentation 6/10 - Still not much of an overhaul visually, simplistic approach, includes more music tracks than the first title 
Enjoyment 2/5 - Boredom sets in quick, presentation doesn't help, multiplayer isn't really fun unless you're a big fan of word searches
Extra Content 2/5 - No reason to beat your fastest times, DLC packs are blind buys, can work together with family members to solve puzzles

Equivalent to a score of 57% (percentage score is approximate and based solely on the previously stated rating)

Review by KnucklesSonic8
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Word Searcher Deluxe
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