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December 25th - Day Twenty (THE FINAL UPDATE)

posted 25 Dec 2009, 15:55 by Billy White

We made it, guys. We actually did it. After lots of hard work (and the sacrifice of lots of free time on Christmas day - I didn't even get the spare time to play my new copy of New Super Mario Bros Wii yet!), we're here for our fourth update today, consisting of three brand new reviews by KnucklesSonic8 that we hope you'll like.

Review: Bit.Trip VOID

Since Bit.Trip BEAT was released, it became evident that the developers over at Gaijin Games have a gift when it comes to game development. The Bit.Trip series is now three games in with the latest release of Bit.Trip VOID, and each game has successfully brought something new to the table without becoming dry and worn out - exactly what a series should be! There's no doubt in my mind that Bit.Trip VOID is just as recommendable as BEAT was when it first came out...

Review: Little Tournament Over Yonder

In a medieval world where players duke it out for royal supremacy, Little Tournament Over Yonder is a modest endeavour from Gevo Entertainment that takes its roots from the game of Chess we all know and love. Incorporating a nice blend of strategy and action elements, Little Tournament Over Yonder provides a good multiplayer experience, albeit one that not everyone will appreciate...

Review: Magnetis
In the business world, the first 30 seconds are crucial; within those precious moments, one can develop a first impression that could either cost you or result in a successful sale. Although the game industry is a different environment altogether, similar principles do apply. When you hear about an indie developer with very little reputation behind it, one can't help but wonder whether or not such a company will be able to make a lasting mark amongst more well-known...

Now that we're at the end of our countdown, I can only say thank you to everyone who's been following the updates along the way, and I promise that we'll keep posting more new content, including reviews, features, more top 10's and the occasional podcast (of which there were a couple that we just didn't have time to edit before the Holiday Countdown ended) over the coming weeks and months.

    For now though, I'm afraid that that's all we've got time for. Check back tomorrow for a quick look at all the content we've given you over the first twenty five days of December, as well as some of the highlights along the way (including our three-part Cancelled Wii Games feature, our audio interview with one of the guys behind Worms: Battle Islands and of course, our endless supply of reviews).

December 25th - Day 19

posted 25 Dec 2009, 14:27 by Billy White

With just one "day" remaining in our updates, we showcase a first for Wiiloveit.com, as well as a brand new interface for the home page. First up is a brand new "app review", where we (as the title suggests) review a piece of non-game software. We start off with the DSi's "Mario Clock" app, which I found to be surprisingly good when I bought it from KS8's recommendation. You can read what he has to say in the review below, which uses the words "nostalgia" and "nostalgic" a total of seven times.

DSiWare Application Review: Mario Clock
Ever wanted to have your very own specialized alarm clock? Nintendo seems to think we'd get all giddy over the very notion and so, they've taken the liberty of releasing two Nintendo-themed clock apps on the DSiWare service. The apps are based on Mario and Animal Crossing themes and they cost 200 Points... each. Yes, Nintendo has not only made you pay for this but they've even split up the releases instead of combining them into one. Seems silly, doesn't it? Almost as silly as paying $2 for such a basic...

And with one final update to go live, I wish to end our penultimate post to the Holiday Countdown by pointing out that we now have a new Home Page design. In this design, we've mainly focused on removing the barely-updated "Blogs" column and changing it for "Bonus Content", which will focus on just about everything that isn't a review or feature. That means 'Site Announcements, new YouTube videos, blogs and more, so keep an eye on that new addition to the home page.

    As part of the update, we've also incorporated a cleaner, simpler design that should make different articles stand out from each in a clearer fashion. Let us know what you think of the update, as we will be rolling out some factors of the design into our Features and Games index pages soon.

Look out for our final Holiday Countdown update shortly, which includes a barrage of new reviews (or maybe just a couple, depending on how quick I am at giving them a final proof-read).

December 25th - Day Eighteen

posted 25 Dec 2009, 12:55 by Billy White

In the second of today's updates, we bring to you two new miniature reviews of games for WiiWare and DS. These games, Helix and Clubhouse Games (AKA 42 All Time Classics) are both great titles, and you can find out why in just a few short paragraphs in these short overviews.

Miniature Review: Helix
Laced with a funky feel, Helix is one of the few rhythm games on the WiiWare platform that serves as a strong contender for future releases in this genre. With presentation that resembles that of a visualizer on a computer, the game tasks players with following the movements of the on-screen robot by making gestures with the Wii Remote. Players play with two remotes at once (although you can play with a single controller, but it takes away most of the experience...

Miniature Review: Clubhouse Games
If card games and board games are your thing, then Clubhouse Games (AKA 42 All-Time Classics) is definitely your kind of game! The DS compilation contains a great selection of easily-recognizable games and a few not-so-familiar ones as well. If you enjoy games like Battleship, Hangman, Connect Four, and Sorry, then you'll be pleased to know that the collection features adaptations of these popular games and many, many more...

What's that, you say? You want MORE? Well, we shall see about THAT...

December 25th - Day Seventeen

posted 25 Dec 2009, 09:56 by Billy White

As we reach part (or "day", if you prefer) seventeen of our Holiday Countdown, we present to you the third and final part of Murat's Cancelled Wii Games list, which features the likes of Sadness and Animales De La Muerte. Once you've read it, feel free to go and check out the previous two parts, totalling 15 different cancelled Wii games that we've detailed. The first two parts proved to be the most popular feature EVER posted on Wiiloveit, so we hope you like this one!

We've already listed ten different Cancelled Wii Games this month in our three-part feature, and as we reach the end of our Holiday Countdown, it's time for the conclusion of our list. Below we have five more Wii games which have at some point had to be cancelled for one reason or another, each accompanied with a bit of detail on the game, and why we had to say farewell to it...

That's all... for now. Something tells me there's still more "days" to squeeze in yet...

December 24th - Day Sixteen

posted 24 Dec 2009, 14:37 by Billy White

At the time of writing this, I have less than eighty minutes until a big fat guy tries to pop down my chimney and leave special gifts for all the children in the house in exchange for being "good" all year (in all honesty, I'm surprised no-ones tried to take him to court for child abuse yet).
    As the excitement mounts (I got myself New Super Mario Bros Wii for the big day... my presents are always the best!) you may be asking yourself "why are we only on day sixteen of the holiday countdown?" Well, never fear, we have four more updates to present to you before the end of Christmas day (don't ask when, why or how I'm going to manage this), bringing the total up to twenty posts, as promised.
    Before we get to those though, we must first tell you about the third part in our "Top 10 Wii Games" series, which focuses on Murat's own choice of games. You may have seen mine and KnucklesSonic8's looks earlier this week (and if not, why not?), so this feature is here to complete the set. Check out the link below for the full list...

So far this week we've seen both mine (Billy) and KS8's countdown's of our top ten Wii games EVER. The lists have all been based on our personal tastes, rather than just going for the generic "Mario, Zelda, Resident Evil, Metroid, Mario..." list that you're used to by now. Today we reach the third and final day of our countdown: Murat's list! If you haven't checked out the previous two editions to the feature yet, check out the links at the bottom of the page, but in the meantime, let's take a look at Murat's choices and find out why he likes each of them in particular...

'Site Article: Ratings Guide
In addition to the new feature, today's update also brings a brand new rating's guide, explaining fully how we rate all our games in reviews, what it all means, and why we use the criteria we do. Alongside this, there's also a guide that explains how good a game might be in comparison to its score, and how highly each title should be regarded based on it's rating. Check it out if you can and let us know what you think!
    As if that's not enough, the new update to our ratings guide also brings a new update to reviews in general. From now on, all reviews will feature a percentage equivalent designed to help our readers compare how our review score looks in comparison to other websites, and should come in especially handy if you don't like/aren't quite used to our /30 scoring system. Once again, check out the all new ratings guide for more information. The new percentage ratings will start to become implemented as standard starting from tomorrow.

And that's all for today, folks. Check out both of the new articles, and catch us again tomorrow for more special Holiday updates!

December 23rd - Day Fifteen

posted 23 Dec 2009, 18:14 by Knuckles Sonic8

Today marks the appearance of Billy's feature outlining his personal favourite 10 Wii games that have been released to date. As promised, Billy continues our three-part consideration with some typical choices like Galaxy (cause, y'know, Billy LOVES his Galaxy!) and even one or two surprising entries like Sonic and the Secret Rings. Just a tiny bit of trivia for ya: Secret Rings just barely missed getting included in my Top 10 but at least it was represented period in this three-part series of features. Don't worry yourself too much. Billy plays it safe with his Top 10, unlike my list which contained entries that very well may have surprised our readers. Anyway, be sure to give today's feature a look.

Hey, it's Mr Website Overlord Billy here, presenting to you my personal list of my favourite Wii games available now. All games selected are on my own personal grounds, and I'm not saying that these are the definitive ten Wii games currently out (excl. Super Mario Galaxy of course). Enjoy!

Sorry to disappoint you guys but that's all Billy had time for today. But rest assured, in addition to Murat's Top 10 due to go live tomorrow, we have a slew of reviews that will be hitting your way before the month is up! And don't forget, this does include the two reviews we have planned of DDR Hottest Party 2 and DDR Hottest Party 3, written by yours truly! December is far from over. Stay tuned for even more exciting features, news and announcements in the coming days ahead!

December 22nd - Day Fourteen

posted 22 Dec 2009, 14:36 by Billy White

"WHAT'S THIS?" I hear you cry. "No update for SIX DAYS?" I feel for you, really, I do, but due to further illness and busy-ness, the updates had to be (unwillingly) put on hold for a short while, but we're back baby, and somehow we're gonna try and get bigger updates online to make up for our absence... despite it being the big day this Friday!

    As part of this comeback, today through Thursday you can find each of the team member's personal Top 10 Wii games, which should not only provide a nice array of diverse game choices, but also a way to get to know each of our personal tastes better. We start this three-part feature with KS8's list, featuring such games as Boom Blox, Mario Strikers and WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

I have the honor of presenting to you readers the first of a series of features that will take a look back at some of the better games on our favourite Nintendo platforms. Today's first entry will list my Top 10 favourite Wii games of all time. Trust me when I say that this was not easy to do, especially since there are so many Wii games that deserve recognition, but sadly, I was forced by the cheeky fella' who oversees this site to limit it to only 10 titles (*makes whipping sound* - Editor). Without getting into a long preamble, please bear in mind that these are ultimately my personal favourite titles...

That's all for today, then. Check back soon as we round off the final days of our countdown with extra posts, extra features and extra reviews, as we try to push the countdown up to at least twenty posts by the end of the 25th in order to make up for what we've missed out on. Yep, we really do care about you guys. I'd go as far as to say... we LOVE you guys. Remember that when you're looking for some Nintendo gaming reviews in future.

December 16th - Day Thirteen

posted 16 Dec 2009, 15:10 by Billy White

Yup, we missed another day again yesterday. Once again, I have a fabulous excuse (or three) in that I had to help move furniture and stuff around the house, I had to help out at an evening with the local youth group and then the internet died on me. So there. We're back today though with another review, the first of three DDR Wii reviews in fact.

Konami wasted little time in deciding to bring the well-received DDR series to the Wii. Thinking back, it was very exciting to see how they'd approach this new sub-series for the console. Fast forward a couple years later and the game has been out on the market for quite some time now. Konami ended up proving that Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party was more than a simple rehash of old material with new songs (something that has become a bit of a trend with the handful of recent releases on the PS2). Really, it was the beginning of what would eventually become a series that would completely change the face of DDR releases to come...

As always, come back tomorrow for more new stuff, including a bit of a 'site update at some point in the next few days. In the meantime, why not follow us on Twitter? You know you want to. Not got Twitter? Why not just keep checking our Twitter page once or twice every day to catch up with us? Do you want us to keep shooting rhetorical questions your way whilst we wait for you to follow us? Do you really? Huh? DO YA?

December 14th - Day 12

posted 14 Dec 2009, 15:49 by Billy White

Today brings not one, but two new reviews straight from the mind of KnucklesSonic8, who takes a look at two more WiiWare gems. If you've got a minute to spare, check out the miniature review of Bit.Trip CORE (the second in our series of Bit.Trip reviews being posted over the course of the holiday countdown), and if you've got a further minute to spare, make sure you give puzzler Bruiser and Scratch a look-in as well!

Review: Bruiser and Scratch: Puzzling Paws

When it was first revealed that a number of ex-Naughty Dog employees were forming a company of their own, quite a bit of excitement ensued (and rightly so). Bruiser and Scratch: Puzzling Paws was a WiiWare project that looked to be a rather modest start for the rising company, but in the end became widely-overlooked. Nevertheless, those that did give the game a spin would've likely been really surprised with the type of gameplay found therein... 

Miniature Review: Bit.Trip CORE

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Bit.Trip CORE serves as the second title in Gaijin Games' new WiiWare series, with a completely different concept than the last. Essentially, players use the D-Pad to take control of an invisible beam that can appear in four directions. As incoming beats approach in one or more of the directions on-screen, players activate the beam with the right timing by using the 2 Button. Some may be stubborn to adopt the new system...

Check back tomorrow for even more reviews, and hopefully a few little maintenance updates around the 'site as well. And don't worry, guys, we'll find some way to get back those two days we lost (most likely by posting exactly what we were already going to post on one day, but then splitting it up over two updates instead just to be cheeky).

December 13th - Day... Eleven?

posted 13 Dec 2009, 14:11 by Billy White

Hi guys, first of all I guess I should start by saying sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days, but due to technical issues, and several other non-technical issues, it's not been possible to get stuff online. Thankfully, we're getting back up on our feet today and have a brand new feature for you. It won't make up for our not-being here over the last couple of days, but it's a start, right? Either way, we hope you enjoy it, and we will make up for our brief weekend disappearance somehow...

You may have seen the first part of our "Cancelled Wii Games" list posted last week, detailing five titles that have either been axed or halted during production. As sad as the situation is, it keeps happening, often due to companies being shut down or the "big guys" deciding not to move forward with a promising project due to the fact that they don't believe a games' sales will be as good as first hoped when starting development. Whatever the reason, we've got five more such titles listed below in part two of our feature...

Check back tomorrow for more new content, and look out later this week for something special that should hopefully make up for our unexpected absence.

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