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Audio Interview - Gaijin Games

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WiiWare | Gaijin Games / Aksys Games | 1-2 Players
 | Out Now | 800 Nintendo Points
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26th January 2011; By Patrick

Here at Wiiloveit, we decided to do something a little bit differently from our normal interviews (just like with our recent Alien After All interview). Today we're pleased to present to you Wiiloveit's first ever audio interview! And who better to test out this new feature with than
 Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games. 
We'd like to express our personal thanks to the team for allowing us to interview them!

Gaijin Games has impressed us time and time again, so we decided to ask them a few questions about the company, the BIT.TRIP series, lilt line, and even their future endeavours. Please note: As this was the first audio interview for the site, it is slightly marred by technical difficulties. Fair warning: don't be alarmed when you hear the sound of a train passing by about halfway through. Thanks, and enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed the interview! I'd like to thank Alex Neuse for letting me interview him, as well as to thank him for graciously letting me play BIT.TRIP FLUX before its release date. Let us know what you thought through the contact form or by addressing us on Twitter! I'm currently working on piecing together fragments of interviews with two more developers, so please look forward to even more in the future!

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Alex Neuse 
was talking to Patrick
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