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Hudson Q&A - Part Two

For part two of our special Hudson Q&A, we chose to ask them a selection of questions about each and every one of their WiiWare titles out so far, as well as a bit about Military Madness: Nectaris. In our insight into their downloadable gaming support, we found out about why Bomberman Blast remained focused on the battle mode, what Hudson thinks about the unique concept of Pit Crew Panic and what the chances are of another game utilising a similar downloadable content feature to Alien Crush Returns, amongst many more questions. Some answers were more satisfying than others, but the guys seem to know what they're talking about, and hopefully they can continue to make some more quality WiiWare games in future.

Star Soldier R
 Our review

Q: How have the sales and response towards Star Soldier R affected your plans for the future of the series?
A: This title’s release was timed with the WiiWare launch. Although it focused on the “Time-Attack” mode which customers play the most, some customers felt less satisfied with the number of stages it offers.

Q: Why did you choose to release Star Solider R as your first WiiWare title?
A: It is because Star Soldier R is one of Hudson’s most popular titles.

My Aquarium Our review

Q: It's clear that this has been your best selling WiiWare title yet. What do you think testifies to the success of this game?
A: In the U.S., and Europe, it has been ranked high in a ranking for a long time, showing its never-fading popularity. This title is not one of the types that have been affected by trends. Therefore, we believe it will continue to stay high in a ranking chart.

Q: The selection of music available for this game is clearly one of the most unique soundtracks yet. Why did you go for the classical piano style?
A: The concept of My Aquarium is to encourage customers to feel relaxed by looking at a beautiful virtual aquarium. Therefore, the classical music was a perfect fit for this title.

Bomberman Blast Our review

Q: Why did you choose to omit a single player mode from Blast, and instead focus on the party mode alone? 
A: Considering the fact that WiiWare has a limit in storage capacity, we had to choose to focus on the battle mode rather than a single mode in order to give great satisfaction to our users. 

Pit Crew Panic

Q: Given that Pit Crew Panic was a very unique game, do you plan on taking more risks with WiiWare in the near future?
A: Pit Crew Panic has a very unique concept. However, we suppose that Wii users may prefer games with simpler concepts.

Q: Was this game inspired in any way by fellow WiiWare title Home Sweet Home?
A: Pit Crew Panic has a different concept from that of Home Sweet Home. Therefore, we don’t think it was inspired by it much.

Snowboard Riot
 Our review

Q: What were some of the inspirations behind Snowboard Riot? Are you pleased with its success?"
A: We are satisfied with the game itself, including the realized sense of speed and playability of sliding. However, the development took longer than planned, which delayed the release of this title to the end of last winter. We hope customers will take up playing this game this coming winter and get to like it.

Q: Why did you choose to include a similar online ranking system to that of Mario Kart Wii?
A: We usually choose an online ranking system which is user-friendly. We hope players complete against each other around the world.

CueSports – Snooker Vs Billiards

Q: Despite many Wii owners already owning Wii Play, you choose to give them another pool game on WiiWare. Did you consider the risks in this, and how do you think it affected its sales?
A: We included Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for CueSports, with which players from around the world can enjoy the Wi-Fi battle. By doing so, we believe we could differentiate this title from Wii Play.

Pop Them, Drop Them SAMEGAME Our review

Q: Why did you decide to focus on something so simple for this puzzle game, and do you think it did enough to separate it from similar online flash games?
A: SAMEGAME is a very profound puzzle game with a simple rule, which we believe fits Wii users very well. It receives constant orders still now and we hope it will continue to do so in the future.

Q: Despite having online leaderboards and other features in most of your games, they didn't feature here, despite the game being a game that many will try to gain high scores on. Why did you decide on this?
A: One of the important concepts of this game was to offer at an affordable price for the best interests of customers. Therefore, we didn’t include the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service in this game.

Onslaught Our review

Q: Many people thought it was quite a bold move to make an FPS game with online co-operative features on WiiWare. Did you see it as a challenge, and did you encounter any difficulties along the way?
A: It was quite a challenging work as this game genre was new to Hudson. However, we are satisfied with the quality of the outcome. We are of course proud of the fact that users are enjoying the game very much.
The big difficulty we encountered was related to the WiiWare capacity which was so small that we had to cram everything into the storage limitations by finding the best way to do so.

Q: Are there any chances we'll see a sequel in future, maybe as a full blown adventure as a disc release?
A: As the title has gained growing popularity now, we would like to consider positively about the sequel, as well as the disc release for a full blown adventure.

Alien Crush Returns
 Our review

Q: Why did you choose to have a rather grotesque design style for this game? Did you ever think that it might put people off purchasing it?
A: We recreated the atmosphere of the original game for PC Engine on the Wii graphics. We are afraid that some users might be put off buying it depending on their taste.

Q: You used a nice “unlockable content” feature in this game using Nintendo Wi-fi Connection. Do you have any plans for similar usage of this idea in future?
A: We used the “unlockable content” as a way to give an additional fun for a longer term for users who purchased the title. If this feature is well received among users, we would love to think about including it in other titles as well.

Q: Why did you choose to remake Alien Crush, over Devil’s Crush? Might we see Devil’s Crush in future?
A: The original unique pinball game is Alien Crush. Therefore, we chose the title as our first pinball game. As for Devil’s Crush, if we can come up with an interesting concept which can differentiate itself from Alien Crush, we would like to consider about its development positively.

Adventure Island: The Beginning
 Our review

Q: What inspired the three mini games available in the platformer, and why did you scrap balance board support for the skateboarding mini game?
A: We developed 4 kinds of mini-games for entertainment purposes. These games can be competed in web ranking, which we believe gives users an exciting fun. We chose not to include the Wii Balance Board support as we would like all users to compete each other under the same conditions.

Q: Why did you choose to include the option to upgrade your character in this game, since it seems slightly odd for a platformer?
A: We included it as a title bonus for users who could clear a stage in a special way.

Water Warfare
 Our review

Q: Did you address some of Onslaught's complaints when designing this title?
A: This game targets a user category different from the one for Onslaught. We provide a tutorial mode to help out users who do not play FPS often to give the smooth introduction to the game.

Q: It seems like the game has a lot of modes to choose from! Could we see a similar expansion in future online games?
A: This game focuses on a multiplayer mode. We would like users to enjoy it with their friends and family members under the variety of rules and modes.

Q: Did you ever consider text or voice communication when facing friends in Water Warfare? How about Mii incorporation? Could we see these implemented in future titles?
A: We might have considered the voice communication if we had had the information on Wii Speak in the early development stage. However, technically speaking, the voice chat increases the communication loads, which may make some features be excluded; the number of players for a multiplayer battle mode needs to be decreased, for example.

Military Madness

Q: What motivated you to revive this TG-16 classic?
A: Military Madness has quite a lot of fans. We can assure our users that the game will give great satisfaction to those who love war simulation games and look forward to seeing the revival of this game. 

Q: What upgrades and new features have you included over the original game?
A: The biggest upgrade is the online battle. Users can customize “Commander”, a new feature to this game, to beat rivals around the world.

Q: When do you think that this will be released in Western areas?
A: Military Madness is now under development.

Q: Thank you very much for the interview, and your support. Anything else to say to our readers?
A: Please look forward to playing with upcoming Hudson titles in Europe!

Thanks, Hudson, your responses are appreciated here. Well, that wraps up our Q&A feature. If you didn't read it, see what the team had to say about some more general topics in the first part of the interview here, and don't forget to read up on our thoughts to the titles we have already reviewed!