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Interview - The Code Monkeys

Game Info
Manic Monkey Mayhem

WiiWare | The Code Monkeys | 1 Player / 2-4 Players (local multiplayer) / 2-4 Players (online versus) 
Out Now | (NA) 800 Nintendo Points / (EU) 1,000 Nintendo Points

7th July 2010; By KnucklesSonic8

To be honest, I knew little about The Code Monkeys before Manic Monkey Mayhem was announced, so it was great for me to get a few answers to some of my pressing questions. More importantly, though, it was good to hear about the feedback the team had towards the final release of their two WiiWare products, and how they felt about the public's reaction as well. Read on to find out more.

Wiiloveit: To begin with, kindly introduce yourself to our readers.  
Janet: Hi! My name is Janet and I’m the Admin Director with The Code Monkeys Ltd. In other words, if the job has nothing to do with programming or art it’s mine!

How long has the company been around for? 
A looooong time – 22 years. The company's portfolio has developed hugely since three guys in 1988 were sat in a bedsit (single apartment) putting their first game together. The company has had to move with the times in order to keep up with new technology as it came along. To do this we created our own games engine that can work with any platform. By doing this we have stayed one of the oldest independent games developers in the industry. 

How did you guys come up with the idea for the game? 
One of our artist’s came up with the concept a few years ago.

How long did the game take to develop? 
Approximately 18 months.

What did you find was the hardest part about developing this for WiiWare? 
Getting the Balance Board set up correctly.

What sort of risks did you guys take with the development of this game? 
We put our company on the line, so to speak, as this is our first self-published game. Traditionally we have always been 'work for hire' developers.

In the end, did the game turn out the way you guys planned, or did you stray away from the original concept during development? 
Yes, it turned out how we wanted it. The game is just fun to pick up and play with your friends or around the world if you go online. No thinking about it, just plain old fun.

Manic Monkey Mayhem has released, not only on WiiWare, but for PSP and the iPhone as well. Which version has done the best in terms of appeal and sales?  
It’s still early for the WiiWare sales, but the iPhone did very well, and the PSP version is not far behind.

Which version is the favourite of everyone in the office? 
That would have to be the WiiWare version.

How is the DSiWare release coming along? What can you tell us about it?  
The DSiWare version is a little off track at the moment, and it will probably be released in Q3. There is a possibility this may become a boxed product, so I really don't want to get into it too much until we know which way the release is going.
Will there be multiplayer support (such as Download Play)? 
Probably, but we’re not sure at this time.

What was the main drive behind bringing Triple Shot Sports to WiiWare? 
The game did great on the iPhone and it was an experiment on the WiiWare which has done very well despite it’s reviews.

How do you feel about the reception it received? 
You have to take the rough with the smooth in the entertainment industry.  Not all games or films are everybody’s cup of tea.

You must have been pleased to see some of your C64 games released on the Virtual Console. Do you have any idea if more of these releases will hit NA or EU? 
It’s always nice to see your work re-released, but as these are not our own IP's, it really doesn’t affect us. So I can’t say if there will be any more releases.

Do you think that some of your older projects like Dragstar Racing or X-Tec could resurface in the near future? 
These games are demo’s waiting in the wings and at this time we don’t have plans for them.  But never say never!

What direction do you guys plan to take with WiiWare moving forward? More games with monkeys, perhaps? 
We will have three more sports games coming out this year, Triple Throwing Sports will be the first, followed by Triple Jumping and Triple Running starting hopefully at the end of July/beginning of August.  As for the monkeys: Well you never know, but we do have a Manic Monkey Pool game out there on the Android and Nokia phones at the moment.

What do you think about the WiiWare service as a whole? Do you have any complaints you'd like to see addressed in the future?  
I think the only thing I would really change is the pricing strategy, as you don’t get to change the price of a game as it grows older.

What do you think about the 3DS so far? Are you guys interested in developing for this platform? 
As an independent developer, we have to be tuned into everything that is becoming available in the hardware market so we can keep up with the development. It’s only a matter of time before our games go on the 3DS.

We appreciate that the team took time out to answer our questions. It's great to hear that they'll be following up Manic Monkey Mayhem with more Olympic-based games. We'd like to offer our best wishes that the DSiWare release will go according to plan as they try to finalize development, and that they do well with future endeavours.

Manic Monkey Mayhem

Janet Smith was talking to KnucklesSonic8
For more information on this title or the developers, click here.

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