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7th June 2012; By KnucklesSonic8

After being impressed by how impressive Zen Pinball 3D was, it certainly is great to see Zen Studios returning to the 3DS platform with Marvel Pinball 3D. Also created for the eShop, the game plans to bring an experience that fans of comics and pinball alike will enjoy. 
With each individual Marvel character not only having their own following but also their own individual universe from which to draw from, Zen Studios respects this truth and, in crafting their game, has developed unique tables that speak to these strengths. 
Here to discuss these and other details is Mel Kirk.

Wiiloveit: Thanks a lot for talking with us about Marvel Pinball 3D. Could you share with us your reasons for wanting to bring the game to the 3DS platform in the first place?

Mel: We are extremely proud of Marvel Pinball, and we really wanted to get it out for Nintendo fans. Being huge fans of the 3DS, it was always the plan to release the game for the system. Zen Studios has been working quite closely with Nintendo and both parties agreed that a 3DS version would be exciting for players.

What themed tables can we expect? Will any of the tables seen in the expansion packs of the original release make an appearance in the 3DS version?

The initial four table release includes Iron Man, Captain America, Blade and Fantastic Four. There will be expansions, or DLC, in the future with more Marvel themed tables. The goal is to have the entire Marvel collection available!

What process does your team typically go through when deciding which ideas stay and which ones go as far as table elements?

This is a very complex process. Each table is designed from the ground up, and takes a team of four people roughly eight months from start to finish. We embrace each new theme with fresh ideas and think of ideas and elements that will really showcase the theme in an original way. Not every idea is possible, but we are getting better and better with our designs, allowing us to make the tables more interactive, and more fun.

Which table do you think people will especially look forward to trying? Can you outline some of its unique features?

I think people will really enjoy Blade. While he is not the most popular character in the Marvel Universe, the table certainly stands out! There are really cool lighting effects, switching between night and daytime modes. There is also a UV ball mode which creates a really exciting visual effect. Hunting vampires is also something that I enjoy, and you'll get to do that on this table.

Would you say there's a sense of empowerment that comes from this borrowed leverage of having familiar superheroes with canonical threats and the like?

Of course! Working with some of the greatest Super Heroes of all time is quite an experience. Zen and Marvel have an awesome relationship, and the success of this game is as much theirs as it is ours. We have embraced these characters in every way possible and created an authentic experience that is true to each of their special traits and abilities.

The online features of Zen Pinball 3D were a key reason why the game was motivating to come back to. Were there other features that you had tried to implement but had to scrap, and could we see these appearing in Marvel Pinball 3D?

The feature set, both local and online, will not change much from Zen Pinball 3D to Marvel Pinball 3D.

Were there any complaints that were brought up by fans or in reviews for Zen Pinball 3D that you'd like to address in this new title?

The only complaint that we heard was that we did not have brand new tables for Zen Pinball 3D. We used some of our past tables, which are still great tables, but it seems press wanted to see something new. The thing about pinball is that if it is a great table, it will age well and the game does not get old. This is why classic machines have held their value and continue to be played by fans. We will be releasing our new tables for Zen Pinball 3D in the future.

Speaking of which, I have to ask: How's the DLC for Zen Pinball 3D coming along? Have you given thought to partnering up with Nintendo to produce some exclusive tables?

We just recently received an updated SDK from Nintendo so we can start implementing DLC. We are excited to get this going and release new tables! We have spoken very briefly with Nintendo about exclusive tables. We will see what happens.

One last important question: If you were given the opportunity to spend time with a character from the Marvel universe, who would you choose?

Wow, what a great question! If I could spend time with a character, it would have to be Thor, and it would be mandatory that I get to go and hang out in Asgard.

Thank you very much to Mel and the rest of the Zen Studios team for allowing us to be among the first to reveal details on their upcoming eShop title. A
fter a strong first showing, I have no doubt that Marvel Pinball 3D will have a similarly great turn-out. The game will be available later this year with more details on possible DLC coming at a later time.

To learn more about Zen Studios, head over to their website.
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Interview by KnucklesSonic8